Reflections From Three Great Moms

This past Sunday, we gathered at my parents’ house in north Spokane for a Mother’s Day celebration. What an awesome opportunity it was for my siblings and our families to get together and recognize our amazing moms. Early on during the celebration, I got the three women of the hour (my mom, my wife, and my sister) to take the below photo.

My mom, Sidney, and my sister pose for a photo during our 2022 Mother’s Day celebration.

After the photo was taken, I took the opportunity to ask each mother, What do you enjoy most about being a mom? There answers were diverse but thoughtful…

My sister said the love she receives from her three kids is the best part about being a mom. Nothing beats the authentic, loyal adoration that comes from your children.

I then moved to my wife and she replied with something rather interesting. She mentioned that the best part about being a mom is reliving her own childhood through the daily experiences of Sloan and Beau. What joy it is to be reminded of your own happy youthful years via the little humans you love more than anything in the world.

Finally, I posed the question to my mom. As the most tenured member of the group, she had a different perspective. She responded that the best part of being a mom to adult children is taking pride in the fact that her daughter and two sons are all successful, happy people. Observing her children all grown up conveys to her that she did a good job as a mom.

If you want to actually watch my wife, sister, and mom give their responses, you can watch the TikTok video I created by tapping here. I am so thankful for these three incredible women and am always blown away by the great job they do as mothers. Don’t Blink.

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