Lip Service Thursday Rundown

I like numbers that have a “7” in them so I am digging April 7. With that random piece of information out of the way, let’s get tonight’s Thursday Rundown underway. Here are five topics for you…

National Beer Day – Perhaps I dig April 7 more because of what it is designated as rather than the numeral it contains. Today is National Beer Day and that means I must share my classic and absolutely embarrassing Top 5 Beers post from four years ago. If you have any type of a sophisticated taste when it comes to brews, you will most likely be appalled by my list. You have been warned.

Looking at this photo, you can probably already determine that my list is going to be baaaad.

Put Me In Coach – Sloan begins her first organized sport next week! The t-ball field is calling her name as she joins a team with her cousin for what will undoubtedly be a season of errors, butterfly catching, and a load of cuteness. I purchased Sloan a glove this past weekend and we are in the process of working it in. I will be sure to give you season highlights over the course of the next several weeks.

Sloan trying on her new pink glove inside Walmart.

The Weekend Away – My Netflix “pick of the week” for you is “The Weekend Away.” It captivated the attention of Sid and I so much that we watched the whole thing on Sunday night (it is only 90 minutes but we usually watch films in a couple different sittings). It is a fast-paced mystery that takes place on a weekend getaway to Croatia. It reminded me just a tiny bit of “Taken” and has a couple of pretty good turns. I recommend!

I recommend “The Weekend Away.” Catch it on Netflix.

Lip Service – A year ago, Beau suffered a bloody injury when he lost balance on some stairs and smacked his mouth on the corner of the staircase. The trip to the emergency room has a somewhat humorous and memorable angle to it, but overall it was a tough episode. The ER doctor warned that he might have some scarring and a year later he does—but he still is a handsome little guy.

A photo of Beau when his accident happened on April 3, 2021 vs. a photo of him on April 6, 2022. If you look closely you can still see some scarring.

Tomatoes In Cake? – I have read a couple Patricia Polacco books to Sloan but we finally were able to check out “Thunder Cake.” I had waited to get my hands on this one for a long time because…well…it is about cake. To be a little more specific, a grandma bakes a cake with her granddaughter during a storm to sooth some anxiety. I was excited to extend the book beyond the pages and bake thunder cake but that was before I learned that the recipe calls for TOMATOES. When I read this I turned to Sidney who had read the book and baked the cake before. I asked if she had actually used the tomatoes and she said, “Yeah, and it was good.” Apparently it is for moisture but I think I will pass. I can deal with carrots but not tomatoes.

I read “Thunder Cake” to Beau last night and learned that the recipe calls for tomatoes.


Thanks for your attention tonight. Palm Sunday is this weekend so let’s make sure to prepare ourselves for Holy Week and ultimately Christ’s resurrection on April 17. Have a nice weekend! Don’t Blink.

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