Different Wrapping Paper Philosophies

When it comes to a certain item that is heavily used during the Christmas season, Sidney and I have very differing philosophies about how it should be used. From where it should be purchased to how it should look to how it should be applied, we find ourselves at odds. I am talking about the great wrapping paper debate.

If you can look past the baby gate we have up to keep Beau from ripping off all the ornaments on our tree, you can see presents wrapped entirely by Sid.

Difference #1

Wife: Wrapping paper needs to be purchased at Target with a thickness and glossiness that will put any bougie brochure to shame.

Me: Have you seen the selection of wrapping paper at Dollar Tree?!

Difference #2

Wife: Less is more when it comes to wrapping paper designs.

Me: Give me the roll with the entire depiction of the 12 Days of Christmas on it.

Difference #3

Wife: Speaking of less, you don’t need more paper than necessary to wrap a gift.

Husband: Annoying my family members by wrapping gifts in multiple layers of paper from different rolls since 2002.

Difference #4

Wife: Each child should have his or her own presents wrapped in a unique wrapping paper that is just for them.

Me: Sloan has five presents? Okay, do we have five different wrapping papers?

Difference #5

Wife: We are out of wrapping paper. Brent, can you make a run to Target?

Me: I can make a run to the recycling bin to get the comics section.

Difference #6

Wife: On Christmas morning, let’s make sure to pass a garbage bag around so we can place discarded wrapping paper in it.

Me: Can’t wait to test my throwing accuracy again as I pelt my brother and dad with crumpled up wrapping paper from across the room.


These differences are not exaggerations…for the most part. With all that said, Sidney is the most talented wrapper I know and I am so lucky she puts up with a slob like me. Don’t Blink.

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