Updating My List of Movies I Can Watch Twice

I don’t watch movies twice. Well, there are exceptions to every rule. A long time ago I wrote this blog post that listed the five films I actually will watch more than once. But for the most part, after I watch a movie, no matter how good it is, I won’t watch it again. A big reason I watch movies is for the suspense. Remove that drama by giving me something I have seen before and I just assume not watch it again.

But dang, it has been 10 years since I wrote that post. Over that time, a few more films have achieved “Brent Will Watch Again” status. Tonight, I want to recognize those three movies.

Moneyball – I enjoy this movie so much that I do more than just watch it when it comes on television. Believe it or not, I seek it out on Netflix and watch it even when a thousand other choices I haven’t seen before are available. The film offers so many different themes: family, importance of data, career advancement, second chances, and more. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are phenomenal in it. Watching the late Seymour Hoffman play Oakland Athletics manager Art Howe is a treat. The musical score is so underrated. The movie just never gets old.

Acting, script, score….it is all so good.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – I watched this movie the whole way through for the first time in high school Spanish class. We started watching it in Spanish with English subtitles but got the teacher to allow us to watch it in English with Spanish subtitles. From that point on I have watched “Christmas Vacation” multiple times every subsequent holiday season…in English and with English subtitles (because I watch everything with subtitles). No matter how many times I watch Clark Griswold try to provide an “old fashioned family Christmas” I find myself laughing out loud. From the cringeworthy moments with Cousin Eddie to the catastrophic holiday dinner to Clark opening up his Christmas “bonus” there isn’t a more quotable and addicting Christmas movie. It just isn’t the holiday season if I don’t watch “Christmas Vacation” a couple times.

This movie is worth watching multiple times over any given holiday season.

Anger Management – I have tired of watching Adam Sandler movies like “Happy Gilmore” and “Billy Madison” but there is something about “Anger Management” that keeps me coming back for more. Oh, I think I might know the reason—Jack Nicholson. Call them an odd couple but Sandler and Jack made a movie that is re-watchable by my very tough standards. The laugh out loud moments and the degree to which the movie gets more and more ridiculous as it goes on just hooks me in. “Anger Management” is on an “anytime, anywhere” basis with me as Sidney and I watched it while on our honeymoon!

I enjoy this movie so much that I watched it on my honeymoon.


Let me ask the same question I posed a decade ago: Do you have a certain movie that you can watch over and over again? If so, let me know. Until then, check back in another 10 years to see if I have any other movies to add to this list. Don’t Blink.

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