Thanksgiving 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Last year I wrote a subdued Thanksgiving post acknowledging that many people might not be in the “thankful” mood in 2020. Last year’s holiday fell at the nine-month mark of the pandemic at an especially troublesome time. COVID cases were up, layoffs/furloughs kept coming, and another round of shutdowns had started.

Things are different this year. However, they certainly aren’t normal. Vaccines are available and we have learned to better live with the virus. At the same time, people continue to get sick from the coronavirus while pandemic ramifications still negatively impact everyday life.

For the second year in a row, Thanksgiving will be tough for more people than usual.

I say this to remind my readers that there will still be a higher percentage of people not giddy about Turkey Day compared to pre-pandemic years. Let’s be mindful of this tomorrow.

But don’t let that disclaimer dampen the gratitude you feel within your heart. Especially if you overcame pandemic hardships, you have every reason to be thankful and I hope Thanksgiving 2021 is a joyous one for you.

My family will spend the holiday at my parents’ house. We will be joined by my sister and her family along with my brother and his wife. Our unit has so much to be thankful for and the vibe will be celebratory. However, among the laughs and optimism at our Thanksgiving gathering, I am going to do my best to remember those who aren’t as lucky this year. May your holiday be meaningful. Don’t Blink.

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