Nightmare Before Christmas Thursday Rundown

It is Oct. 21 and a perfect time to buy your pumpkins. Don’t carve them just yet (wait until next week’s Thursday Rundown to do that) but make sure you secure your gourds now. Speaking of now, make sure you read about tonight’s five topics…

The $25,000 Man – It is hard to believe, but Tuesday marked the 10-year anniversary of one of the more entertaining and viewed Don’t Blink posts. On Oct. 19, 2011, I told the wild tale of my brother winning $25,000 on a single card hand at a small bowling alley casino. It was a memorable and insane late evening/early morning that literally entailed my brother “making it rain” in my parents bedroom among other absurdities. In addition to that epic entry, I would do a follow up post 7 years later.

After Glen won the $25,000, we went to Vegas a few days later. This is him at the original O’Sheas playing some Blackjack.

Common Mistake – I used to make this error all the time. How did I overcome my forgetfulness? No, it wasn’t because I was more cognizant and self-aware. Rather, Outlook watches out for you these days and if you mention a form of the word “attach” in your email and nothing is attached, you will be notified prior to your correspondence flying through space. Thankfully, I no longer leave people at the runway. Thanks to my friend Lindsi for the meme.

I used to do this, but I don’t anymore.

Halloween Watch Options – In the past I have written about how I become overwhelmed by the endless options of movies and TV shows on the streaming services that we subscribe to. So much content, so little time. I am feeling this way currently with all the Halloween options at my disposal. With Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Peacock, there is simply no feasible way that I will ever come close to even watching a quarter of the movies and shows I would like to. A month is simply just not enough. With that said, I am still trying to watch as much as possible. From Halloween sitcom episodes to original movies part of Hulu’s Huluween lineup to cult classics like “Children of the Corn,” to kid-friendly films like “Nightmare Before Christmas” I am getting my spooky time fix. I just wish there were more hours in the day.

Sloan and I recently watched “Nightmare Before Christmas” together. It was actually my first time ever watching the film.

Buffalo Wild Wings – For the first time in at least a few years, we ate inside a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. It was actually a little trippy when we walked into the Spokane Valley location but its layout was identical to the one we would visit in Myrtle Beach. Anyway, Sid and I ordered 20 boneless wings to share. For sauces, I chose spicy garlic and parmesan garlic while Sid chose Asian zing. She couldn’t think of a second sauce she wanted so Sid deferred to the waitress who suggested honey BBQ. I used to love BWW so it was nice to visit again.

Please don’t mind the hands of Sloan and Beau as I show you our 20 wings from last Friday’s visit to Buffalo Wild Wings.

The Best Energy Drink – While we are on the topics of things I had not enjoyed in years, let me give a shoutout to Xyience. When I lived in Missoula, this energy drink was my jam. I even named it the best energy drink on the planet. But when I moved to Myrtle Beach it wasn’t as widely available as it was in Montana. I recently discovered that a small grocery store near our house now carries it. Over the past couple months I have returned to drinking a Xyience once every two weeks or so. If you opt for an energy drink every now and then, I strongly recommend you give Xyience a try.

I am back to drinking the occasional Xyience energy drink. If you have not tasted it before, I recommend you give it a try.


I must say I am a little sad because I don’t have another football trip planned this weekend. Oh well, it will be nice to hang around town. I will catch up with everyone next week! Don’t Blink.

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