To Fair or Not to Fair?

This past weekend, Sid and I took the kids to the Spokane County Interstate Fair. You see, we had to make up for lost time. Last year we were able to “taste” just a small “piece” of the experience as we did the Fair Food Drive-Thru. It was cool that vendors made an effort to do that, but there is just something different between eating a corn dog in your car and eating a corn dog on a grassy bench in front of the Ferris wheel.

Sloan got her face painted at the fair.

So as you can imagine, we didn’t take for granted the opportunity to enjoy the Spokane County Interstate Fair in-person. With that said, I must be honest and say that although that we did have a good time, it wasn’t a complete slam dunk. Tonight, I thought I would do a brain dump and rattle off 7 reasons why you would want to attend the fair and 7 reasons why you might want to take a pass. Perhaps this post will help you decide whether you attend the Spokane County Interstate Fair this upcoming weekend or, for that matter, any fair that is coming to a town near you this year.

Beau approaching the Canine Stars show at the Spokane County Interstate Fair.

7 Reasons For Attending the Spokane County Interstate Fair

– The indoor exhibits were diverse and interesting.

– There were free activities at these exhibits that Sloan could participate in. At one of them she made a bookmark.

– The free Canine Stars show was really cool!

– Food selection was very vast with something for everyone.

– We loved the animal exhibits! So many different furry critters spanning a wide variety of species, sizes, and colors.

– Bathrooms all over the place.

– Sloan and Beau were both free admission.

Sloan making a bookmark at one of the booths at the Spokane County Interstate Fair.

7 Reasons For Not Attending the Spokane County Interstate Fair

– You have to pay for parking ($5).

– Many things inside the fair are cash-only meaning that if you didn’t bring cash with you (we didn’t) you need to use the fair ATMs that charge expensive fees.

– Speaking of expensive, although the selection is great, basically every food item is $12 or above.

– Continuing the pricey theme, everything from the rides to the carnival games to the face painting are offered at very inflated prices.

– Some things never change. The carnival games are still rigged or at the very least extremely hard to win.

– After going to Silverwood the weekend before, you realize the major gap in the customer service offered at the theme park compared to the lack of it offered at the fair.

– When you leave the parking lot, you run the risk of getting hit by cars that enter the lot by zooming through the exit so they don’t have to pay the $5.

Although expensive, Beau enjoyed the fair food.


Hopefully this resource will provide you with enough information when deciding whether to attend the fair or not. On the fence? Do it for your kids and GO! Don’t Blink.

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