Miriam Thursday Rundown

Oh my it is HOT! HOT! HOT! We are looking at triple digit temperatures for the next several days. Is this real life? Let’s get started with tonight’s Thursday Rundown…

Baptism Anniversary – A wise person once told me to treat a baptism date as a birthday, giving it the same, if not more, reverence. Well, Sloan’s baptism anniversary is tomorrow. She was baptized at St. Andrew Catholic Church in front of friends and loved ones from both our families. Administering the sacrament of baptism on Sloan was Deacon Bob Jones. On that day, Deacon Jones’ wife was also in attendance. Miriam Jones worked behind the scenes to make sure that her husband had everything he needed to perform the baptism. Earlier this year, Miriam passed away unexpectedly. As we reflect with Sloan on the significance of her baptism this weekend, we will remember Miriam and pray for her. Thanks be to God for June 25, 2017.

In this photo Deacon Jones holds a newly baptized Sloan. Standing in the background is Miriam Jones, a wonderful lady who passed away in March 2021.

Wrong Pandemic Prediction – Back in May 2020, I entertained the idea that the handshake might be gone forever, even after the pandemic was ancient history. I even suggested that bowing might become “a thing” in western culture. Looks like I was off the mark on both those fronts. From what I have observed, handshakes are back and widely embraced, even as we aren’t completely out of the pandemic woods yet. I think people jumped to a lot of conclusions as COVID started to ravage our country, myself included. But no, the handshake is not going extinct.

Despite my earlier predictions, the handshake will survive the pandemic.

The Donut King – I watched a really interesting documentary on Hulu this week. It was called “The Donut King” and it told the story of a man who immigrated to California from Cambodia and started a donut enterprise. After opening a single shop, he started to open more and helped countless Cambodian families open up their own donut shops as well. The documentary takes you inside the Cambodian donut world and chronicles how many of the people inside it achieved and embraced the American Dream. I really enjoyed it.

“The Donut King” was an enjoyable documentary.

Three Dads – This picture is special to me. On Saturday night I had the honor of standing next to a couple of great dads who I look up to. My dad is in the middle and my brother-in-law is on the left. Jay and my dad have been great role models to me and to get a Father’s Day Eve photo with them was cool.

I take pride in this photo. My brother-in-law, Jay, is on the left and my dad is in the middle.

Strike 14! – I saw this in the comics yesterday and it instantly brought a smile to my face. From time to time I will take Sloan and her cousins outside and throw them batting practice with whiffle balls. I will say that each person will get five pitches but it always goes way beyond that as they plead for more. Many times we will reach that 14th strike.

In our family, registering a 14th strike is not uncommon.


I know I have said this before when concluding my Thursday Rundowns but I really mean it this time…stay cool everyone! Enjoy your weekend and I will catch up with you all next week. Don’t Blink.

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