Pizzagaina Thursday Rundown

Welcome back, friends! I hope your Holy Week is going well. Take a moment or two to browse this week’s five topics in my latest Thursday Rundown…

Pizzagaina – In my Easter 2020 recap, I briefly mentioned a food called pizzagaina. If you didn’t read that post, you might be asking What the heck is pizzagaina? Well, it is an Italian dish made at Easter that will bring a smile to your face. Think of it as a savory pie of goodness. Macaroni and cheese and ham are packed into a flaky crust and then baked. Pizzagaina has been a tradition in my mom’s family for decades and this past weekend she made a lot of it. In fact, she was able to give big loaves to my siblings and I to share with our families. At my household we have a pretty good start on ours.

This is the pizzagaina loaf that my mom gave us. We have ate about a quarter of it.

Beau – So our 1-year-old told us that he feels Sloan has been getting all the blog love lately so I told him he would get a Thursday Rundown section to himself. Beau is walking more than he is crawling these days, keeping us very busy. He says words like “mama” and “hot” and loves to play with lego blocks. When his sister and cousins are playing he wants to be right in the middle of it with them, even if his presence might cause some minor inconveniences to the older kids. Beau is happy and loving as he freely gives out kisses. Safe to say, our little man is thriving.

These days, Beau is walking more than crawling.

Pepsi PEEPS Contest – Last week, Pepsi made an earth-shattering announcement that it would produce a PEEPS-flavored cola. However, it would be distributed in a very exclusive, non-grocery store manner. In order to have a shot at tasting the soda, which is called Pepsi x Peeps, you must post a photo on either Instagram or Twitter using specific hashtags and you must explain what your favorite spring activity is. Pepsi will then choose a certain number of entries and send the participants a 3-pack of the product. As you can imagine, I took the bait. Sloan and I posed for a photo and posted it to Instagram. We hope we are chosen!

We are now entered in the Pepsi x Peeps contest! Hope we win! #HangingWithMyPeeps #PepsiSweepstakes

A Thing of Beauty – I called my dad last night and when he answered I just said damn. When he asked me to elaborate, I said Damn. Gonzaga is good. I am amazed at how the Gonzaga men’s basketball team has stormed through the competition to reach the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. I guess it is what you expect from an undefeated team but the way they are making it look so effortless is incredible. The ability of the Bulldogs to get easy shots and outrun their opponents is probably the best I have ever seen from any college team. For a program that I have a special connection to, I sure hope this year’s squad can produce two more wins and bring home a national championship to Spokane.

Best of luck to the Gonzaga men’s basketball team in the Final Four.

Didn’t Realize It – Did you know that William Shatner turned 90 last month? I surely didn’t. I must give credit where credit is due…he looks pretty good. Sorry for the language in the tweet.

I had no idea this guy was so old.


Thank you for reading. I wish you a warm and meaningful Easter. Celebrate this sacred holiday with enthusiasm and reverence! See you next week. Don’t Blink.

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