Dance Party

We run a tight routine with our kids on a nightly basis. After dinner we transition into bathtub-books-prayers. Sidney bathes Sloan and Beau and then I dress them in their pajamas. We then go downstairs and read at least a couple books. Then it is prayer time followed by bed. However, over the past several weeks we have introduced a new component to the mix.

Between dinner and baths, we usually have some dead time. In March, we started to fill that void with dance parties. That’s right, for about 20 minutes we get down in our living room. We put our Alexa to work by calling out fun songs to play. Sidney, Sloan, and I get at least one request each as we blow off the day’s steam.

Sloan dancing to “Savage Love” by Jason Derulo.

To be honest, the dance parties do more than just help us release some energy. They also let us effectively clean the kitchen. Dancing keeps the kids occupied which means that we can unload the dishwasher and do other kitchen chores that Beau usually interferes with (he gravitates towards an open dishwasher). It works out quite nicely.

Although I am not a dancer, I make an exception for our dance parties. In fact, I ignore my dancing insecurity so much that once the session is over I am borderline in need of a shower. While it is true that most people would say I have bad form, Sloan and Beau think I am the best dancer on the planet. But don’t think my confidence extends past our living room. While I occasionally see other families post their personal dance parties on social media I would never subject my own followers to such a scary site.

Sloan hits the dance floor while Beau acts as her hype man.

As I mentioned, we all have the chance to ask Alexa to play certain songs each night. The three songs at the top of Sloan’s playlist are…

– “We Will Rock You” – Queen
– “Dance Monkey” – Kidz Bop version
– “Astronaut in the Ocean” – Masked Wolf

You better believe Beau dances too! In fact, he dances so passionately that it is usually impossible to get a non-blurry photo.

So before I get too much mud on my face and look like a big disgrace, I think I better sign off. Hopefully no one has nightmares about our family dance parties. Don’t Blink.

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