Ushering In February 2021

Good morning! I felt compelled to write at the beginning of the day as we begin the month of February. We have entered the midpoint of what can be a difficult two-month stretch for many but I hope we can look optimistically at the next four weeks.

Well, before we look at four weeks, I feel it is more appropriate to just look at this first week. It is a big one for the Reser family. It is the birthday week of Beau as he will turn 1 on Friday. The weekend will bring a small joint birthday celebration for Sidney and Beau hosted by my parents. Then, of course, Super Bowl LV will commence on Sunday.

This boy will turn 1 this week.

Shifting back to a monthly outlook, there is no doubt we will be doing a lot of reflecting. Starting with Beau’s birthday on Friday, we will remember the tough days that followed as he spent time in the NICU. But the month will also bring with it fond reminiscing as we mark February 16, the day we brought Beau home and the joyous days that followed as we started life as a family of four.

February is a very spiritual month for us. Lent begins on February 17 and then on February 27 we will celebrate the one-year anniversary of when Beau was baptized and Sid was welcomed into the Catholic Church. What a great time to both sacrifice and be thankful.

Whether you dislike February or enjoy it, I hope you can make the most out of the next 28 days. At the very least, we can use it as a springboard to March and the longer, brighter, and warmer days that is promises. But if at all possible, I challenge you not to write off February as simply a precursor to the spring months. Instead, try to savor each day and make the most of it. Remember, we will never get them back. Have a blessed month my friends. Don’t Blink.

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