Dollar Tree Scavenger Hunt

The idea crossed my mind last week. As I was brainstorming different activities for Sloan to do in a society that is widely shutdown because of a pandemic, my mind turned to a budget-friendly scavenger hunt. The idea would unfold at one of Sloan’s favorite places in the world—Dollar Tree.

I pitched my Dollar Store Scavenger Hunt concept to my sister shortly after I developed it in my head. As someone who is just as obsessed as I am with finding entertaining and unique activities for her kids, I knew she would give me an honest assessment. It turned out that she loved the idea and wanted to get in on the fun with us.

This was the Dollar Tree we completed a scavenger hunt at on Saturday.

So what is the Dollar Store Scavenger Hunt, you ask? It is quite simple. You present your children with five item descriptions and then turn them loose in a Dollar Tree to retrieve them.

My sister typed up the scavenger list items and printed them off for each kid.

On Saturday morning, Sloan and I met Aunt Miranda, Mikayla, and Johnny at the largest Dollar Tree location in Spokane (6416 N. Division St.). While in the parking lot we handed them their lists and watched as they sprinted into the store (video of the fun).

Sloan looking at the scavenger hunt list and then all three running into the store.

Card to Send a Friend – After running around the store and looking at a lot of non-scavenger hunt items, we finally steered the kids to the greeting card aisles. The red and pink Valentine’s Day section really stood out and all three participants found a card from that area. It got me thinking, who will Sloan’s Valentine be this year?

Sloan with the Valentine’s Day card she picked out.

Green Food – We explained to Sloan, Mikayla, and Johnny that the food item could either be green itself and/or packaged in the color. Technically Sloan found an item that fit both conditions but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed in her choice. Instead of picking up Ande’s mints or Apple Jacks, she threw a can of mixed veggies into the cart. At least she is thinking healthy?

Sloan holding her can of mixed veggies to satisfy the green food item.

Bathtub Toy – Sloan did great on this one. She found a Trolls-themed bath bomb. “Trolls” is Sloan’s favorite movie and we actually used the bomb that night and the pleasant smell and bright pink color it turned the water was definitely worth the $1.

Sloan scored big with her Trolls bath bomb.

Present to Give Family Member – Sloan and Mikayla were pretty smart on this one. They looked at each other and entered into an agreement that their “family member” would be each other. The two cousins marched to the toy aisle and gave each other “suggestions” on what item they should throw into their cart. Thanks to some inspiration from Mik, Sloan chose a stuffed yellow unicorn. Sure enough, when we exited the store the girls did a gift exchange.

Sloan “found” a stuffed unicorn as her present to give to a family member.

A Red Drink – I thought this one turned out kind of fun too. Sloan spotted a Donald Duck kiwi strawberry juice cocktail to satisfy the final item on her list. Honestly, how often do you get to enjoy a Donald Duck drink? She drank it from her sippy cup throughout the day on Sunday.

Donald Duck juice….need I say more?

Although chaotic at times, the three kids each completed the scavenger hunt. This is what Sloan’s cart looked like…

This was what the final haul looked like.

I would highly recommend this activity to those of you with young children. Not only is it something different but it is also empowering because the kids get to make the decisions. The scavenger hunt will lead to other activities once you leave the Dollar Store as well. For example, bath time was special on Saturday night because of the bath bomb. Soon we will sit down and write inside the Valentine’s Day card and mail it off to a friend. As we go through these colder months, this might be the perfect activity to add a little excitement to your child’s day. Don’t Blink.

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