Peanut Brittle Thursday Rundown

Let me wish a pleasant December evening to everyone who has stumbled upon this random corner of the internet. I hope to feed your appetite with five random topics. Let’s get started…

Christmas Activity #11… – On Tuesday night, I shared with you 10 Christmas-related activities we have done with Sloan this month. Let me add one more. We have started to play a “Spot the Grinch” game when we are driving. This year there seems to be an overabundance of blow up Grinches in front yards. Since Sloan likes the Grinch movies and because she is learning to count to higher numbers, we will keep track of the green blow up characters we pass while out on the road. Sloan loves to spot them a 15 minute drive in Spokane will usually yield about 10 of them.

This blow up Grinch is actually right across the street from us so when we play the game, we immediately start off at 1.

Poster Rack – Something about this just gives me the feels. Before I would buy posters at college, I would browse them while at ShopKo. While my mom shopped I would curve my boredom by looking at WWF superstars, superheroes, and the occasional teeny bopper music star. I distinctly remember the anticipation of seeing who would be in the next laminated frame. Good times.

It was easy to pass the time here.

Sister and Brother – This was a totally nonstaged photo I took of Sloan and Beau early this morning. They both found their way to the Christmas tree and admired it together for a couple moments. How can you go wrong with a sister and brother soaking in the beauty of Yuletide lights?

Sloan and Beau sat together by the tree early this morning and I made sure to document it from my spot on the couch.

True Story – The below tweet from the U.S. Postal Service has been making the rounds since it was published yesterday. Sure it is cute, but it is also very true. I find sending out Christmas cards to be festive, fun, and therapeutic. But it is more about the recipient than the sender. Receiving a holiday card can make someone’s day. Imagine if you send out 20 cards—that would equate to a lot of positive energy. If you are on the fence about doing Christmas cards this year, I say go for it. Not only will you bring cheer to others but you will also be supporting a struggling USPS.

Send out Christmas cards this year.

Shoutout to Coastal Football – Last Saturday could not have been more perfect for my old colleagues at Coastal Carolina University. Everything aligned on a day that saw the campus host College Gameday and then pull off a major upset win over previously unbeaten BYU. Sports business analysts estimated the College Gameday exposure alone at $20 million. CCU is in line to play a major bowl game on New Year’s Day. For an institution that has had its bumps in the road in 2020, there couldn’t be a sweeter way to end the year.

The Coastal football team defeated BYU to improve to 10-0.


That will wrap it up for this Thursday Rundown. These December weekends can be so much fun. Make the most of this upcoming one! Don’t Blink.

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