My Recommended Gift for the 2020 Holiday Season

For many years, my dad’s side of the family would participate in a unique Christmas Eve tradition. After we had all arrived at whatever house we were celebrating at, we would draw numbers. When we scooped out a slip of paper from the hat, we all crossed our fingers we would pick something low.

More than 20 (we had a BIG family) picture frames that we had decorated prior to our celebration were displayed on a table. Each one was adorned with “Reser Family Christmas ______” (insert year) and decorated with a seasonal theme. The person who drew #1 would take first pick of a frame. Then the person who drew #2 would go, followed by #3, and so on.

Once we had our frames, we would all get our pictures taken with a Polaroid camera. You could choose to take your photo wherever and with whoever you wanted. We would then place the photo in our frame, creating a precious keepsake from that holiday season for years to come.

One of our “Reser” frames from 1997.


For the past two years, I have designated an inexpensive “Brent’s Gift of the Year” for my readers to consider. In 2018 I tabbed an LED cinema lightbox as my suggestion and last year I heralded a blanket. This year I am encouraging my readers to gift someone a framed photo.

Framed photos are thoughtful and timeless

I don’t think there is anything that looks so good relative to its actual price than a meaningful photo encapsulated in a nice frame. At just a few bucks for the print and a similar amount for the frame, you can give a loved one something that they will keep in their living room or on their dresser for a long time.

A picture conveys emotion and thought. The sentiment is amplified tenfold when placed in a frame. Ask someone whether they would prefer a material item or a cherished memory and take a guess on which way they will lean. In my opinion, not only is a framed photo a powerful and inexpensive gift, it is a very underrated one as well.

A framed photo is a sentimental gift.

What special moment would you like your family member or friend to relive every day? A tropical vacation? Wedding day? Birth of a child? Baptism? Sporting event? Take your pick and memorialize it. Trust me, the recipient will appreciate it.

Another classic Reser Family Christmas photo/frame–just with my parents. You can’t go wrong with a framed photo, just make sure that the orientation of both the photo and frame is aligned correctly.


This holiday season, try to give at least one person a framed photo. Except for the hairstyles and wardrobes in the picture, this gift will never go out of style. Don’t Blink.

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