My First Cup of Coffee

I am literally shaking right now.

My blood is racing.

I am on edge.


But please don’t worry about me, I just had my first cup of coffee.

On Monday, Sid made me my first cup of coffee.

For the sake of adventure, I asked Sidney to make me one of her white chocolate mochas she has taken the summer to perfect. Believe me, I didn’t make the request lightly. For all my adult years, I have proudly spouted off to others that I have never drank a cup of coffee in my life. It was a badge of honor that I held tight. Well, I traded it in today.

I think I caved for a variety of reasons. It was a Monday and I kind of wanted a pick-me-up to begin the week. It has also been a summer of coffee stands. I have toured this city with Sidney as she tried out the java huts around every corner with the strong but pleasant aromas tempting me. Then of course I have had my wife-turned-barista mixing her own coffee concoctions right under my nose. Something had to give.

Using her extra-caffeinated blend, whole milk, caramel syrup, and white chocolate she made me a drink that wasn’t just a quick introduction to the world of coffee but a loud, stimulating HELLO. I admit it, the drink was good. The icy, refreshing brew sure tasted a lot different than the sips of my dad’s piping hot, bitter “cups of Joe” that I remember tasting as a youngster.

But it wasn’t so much the taste that I will remember. Rather, it was the buzz or the caffeine high or whatever you want to call it that I felt (and am still feeling). To be honest, I don’t know if I really liked it. It felt different than the energy drink or lotus beverage that I might consume every two weeks. I felt a little more tingly, a little more irritated. It wasn’t completely unpleasant and I did feel focused, but I don’t think it is a feeling I want to experience every day.

If you could get drunk off coffee, I would be done after one drink. I thought I built a small tolerance from my energy drinks but those might be beer compared to coffee’s liquor. Seriously, who still feels jittery at 10 p.m. after drinking a cup of coffee at 8 a.m.? Oh no, I won’t be hungover tomorrow, will I?

Don’t think I need a punch card to an espresso stand anytime soon. The coffee experiment was fun for a day but I don’t think I will have Sidney mix me up anything tomorrow. However, I guess it is nice to know that if I am ever dragging, I know I can call down the stairs for an emergency boost. Don’t Blink.

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