Beau’s First Six Months

Close your eyes and try to remember exactly six months ago. It is early February. Still a month before a certain virus would become a threat in the United States. Completely different world, right?

Beau turned 6 months today.

This was the context of my son’s entrance into the world. On February 5, 2020, Beau was born at Conway Medical Center in Myrtle Beach. His birth was anything but normal as he came early but society was still business as usual. I am thankful that Beau was born just prior to a country-wide lockdown that would have made his earthly debut so much different.

Beau was born exactly six months ago today.

So as I sit here and reflect on Beau’s first six months of life, a major theme that keeps resonating is how much has changed in just half a year. It goes beyond just big picture––from a personal standpoint he has navigated a lot of change. From South Carolina to Washington and four different residences, this little guy has already learned a key life lesson that change is constant.

This little guy never fails to brighten my day.

But besides the birds eye perspective, I am also reflecting on Beau’s first 183 days of life by thinking solely about him, minus all the contextual stuff. God gave us a mellow and sweet baby, a gentle soul who loves to be held and talked to. Always up for a game of peek-a-boo, Beau enjoys interacting with others. On the flipside, he dislikes loud noises and sitting down for long periods of time. He isn’t a crier and he isn’t needy. He is a good eater and will take long naps.

Beau is a happy and healthy baby boy.

Beau has already had a few significant life events. He spent a couple weeks in the NICU but came out of it healthy and strong. He flew on an airplane as he made a cross country trip to his new home in Washington. He was fitted for a helmet to help correct the shape and symmetry of his head. Basically, he has had a pretty eventful half of a year.

Affectionately dubbed “little space man” by his strange father, holding Beau is like holding a heavenly cloud. He seems to fit perfectly in my arms and every inch of his body just feels so good. The constant coos and smiles never fails to reinforce how lucky I am to be his daddy.

Beau’s helmet has led me to dub him “my little space man.”

Beau has brought much happiness to Sidney, Sloan, and me. When I write another six months from now on his first birthday, it will be very interesting to see what life is like––both from Beau’s perspective and the world’s. But until that milestone comes, I am going to take it one day at a time, giving thanks at every opportunity for a special and healthy baby boy. Don’t Blink.

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