Proud Cord Cutters

We had talked about it for a couple years, but it took a move across the country to finally pull the plug…or should I say cord? When Sidney and I moved into our new house, we decided not to get cable.

In a different time, I would find such a proposition to be completely preposterous. What about my sports? My shows? My Weather Channel? But that was an era long ago and in this present age there are just too many reasons not to get cable than reasons to pay for it.

For Christmas, Sidney’s mom gave us a couple Fire TV Sticks and those things are fueling our television watching. To be honest, just having Netflix alone is probably more than enough but on our Fire Sticks we also have Disney +, NBC, and a great news app. The amount of content on these channels is enough to satisfy us for roughly the next 200 years.

We love our Fire TV Stick.

Over the past few days, I will admit it has been a little weird turning on the TV and not being able to browse a cable lineup. But just because I can’t access ESPN or CNN via a traditional cable plan doesn’t mean I can’t retrieve the gist of its content. I can easily download those network’s corresponding apps on our Fire Stick or simply pull out my phone and follow their social media channels to stay up to date in the sporting and news world. To say that a cable subscription is necessary to stay current and entertained is a straight up misconception.

There is another saving grace when it comes to these media streaming devices. It is called YouTube. If you are craving content that you normally would watch on cable, chances are you can access it just by pulling up YouTube on your TV. I am a big EWTN fan and all the programming I would watch on the cable station can be easily viewed on YouTube, including daily mass. In many ways, it is like nothing has changed. Our TV is still pumping out pretty much everything we watched on cable, we just aren’t paying for it.

If you are looking for a way to save some money each month, eliminating cable might be the way to go. Investing in a media streaming device and at least one subscription to a streaming service will save you cash almost immediately. I don’t know about you, but we are proud cord cutters. Don’t Blink.

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