A New Beginning

In early March, my family moved out of our house in Myrtle Beach. Until a few days ago, we had spent more than four months without a place of our own as we made a massive geographic and life transition. Thanks to Sid’s parents and my parents, we were able to spend stints of this time with them as we found and prepared our new home.

Last Thursday we officially moved into our new home in the Spokane Valley. The timing allowed us to get settled in time to have a nice weekend with just the four of us in our new abode. The four-bedroom, brand new duplex is perfect for us. With top of the line appliances, an oversized back deck, and a beautiful wooded view we are feeling very fortunate. Over the past few days we have enjoyed becoming accustomed to our new quarters.

Some photos of our new home.

But as I discovered over the weekend, we aren’t just becoming accustomed to a new house. Rather, we are getting acclimated to a whole new life that includes a new church, new neighbors, new grocery stores, new restaurants, and so much more. To be honest, it is absolutely thrilling.

Our view from the back deck.

We are now much more at ease. We have a new place of our own, we aren’t taking up other people’s space, and we are sleeping in our own beds. After transitioning and preparing, we feel like our newest life chapter is starting in earnest. What a ride it has been to get to this point.

Here’s to plenty of good times and memories! We are happy and blessed to be here and are excited to take things one day at a time. Don’t Blink.

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