The Best Summer Nights

To put it simply, summer in eastern Washington is the best. In fact, the season is so pleasant that it is actually worth the (sometimes) long wait. However, while the days themselves are highlighted by bountiful sunshine and warm temperatures, I personally prefer when the sun starts to go down.

It is hard not to find peace during a June or July evening in the Inland Northwest. The sun lingers around but the heat does not, making for a calm and comfortable sunset followed by a refreshingly cool nightfall.

You forget how comfortable summer can be when you live in a humid climate for several years. Although I am a big fan of South Carolina’s mild winter temperatures, I don’t miss the suffocating humidity that doesn’t relent simply because it is nighttime or early morning.

As Sloan continues to experience her first Washington summer, I am making sure she enjoys the extended evenings. That means enjoying the outdoors even if it is after 8 p.m. Whether it be a walk through the woods, playtime at the park, ice cream on the patio, or lawn games in my parents’ front yard, we are making memories one summer night at a time.

One of our favorite activities has been to walk to an ice cream parlor as the sun sets.

But these summer evenings are fun for us adults too. Just this past weekend, my sister invited Sid and I over for a bonfire. We made s’mores, recorded TikToks, and told stories around the fire. At one point, Sid laughed, saying that we would never get away with doing something like this in South Carolina. With no relief from the 24/7 sticky humidity, it is hard to get excited about a bonfire.

We had a bonfire at my sister’s house the other night.

When enjoying the summer nights here, you must go one step further than savoring the extended daylight and basking in the cooler temperatures. That step is to take a deep breath. You see, there is nothing like the fresh, crisp air that swirls around this time of the year. It tastes exactly like summer and there really is nothing better. Don’t Blink.

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