Excited Thursday Rundown

On the eve of my family’s arrival, I am giddy with excitement as I type this. Don’t take it personally, but I am going to write this Thursday Rundown quickly so I can get back to preparing for them.

Missing the Derby – This past Saturday was a little sad without a Kentucky Derby to watch. Well, let’s be honest, it was sadder because I didn’t have a Kentucky Derby party to go to. For a few years we had a blast going to my former supervisor’s house to enjoy the Run for the Roses. Dressing up was mandatory. Here are a few photos from non-pandemic years.

A look at some of the past Kentucky Derby parties.

The Last Dance – I have watched the first six episodes of “The Last Dance” and I will do my best to watch the last four. Growing up as a kid, I hated the Chicago Bulls. Hated them. Not a Michael Jordan fan either. But now that I am older, I can forgive the fact that they beat my two favorite teams (Sonics and Jazz) over the span of three consecutive years in the Finals. Not bitter anymore, I have enjoyed watching the colorful personalities and incredible achievements of these Chicago basketball teams. Some of the footage is priceless and the interviews candid.

I am really enjoying “The Last Dance.”

More Local Delicacies – A couple weeks ago, I told my parents I was going to treat them to my favorite donut place in the world, Retro Donuts. I made good on my promise this past Saturday as I visited the shop and brought an assortment of breakfast delights home. Well, I guess I kind of owed it to my mom and dad because the night before they ordered from my favorite Spokane pizza place, McClains. The spicy thai pie is out of this world and it once again did not disappoint.

Was spoiled over the weekend with Retro Donuts and McClains.

A Viral Celebration – With most universities and high schools forced to cancel in-person commencement exercises, many institutions have worked hard to offer online alternatives. On Saturday, Washington State University will host a virtual celebration to honor our graduates. Our digital event will be significant because it will be one of the first in higher education; WSU is on semesters and commencement is held early. Thus, lots of people and other institutions will be watching as we set the standard. I have the pleasure of helping out with the celebration’s social media efforts and am looking forward to a great show!

WSU will host a virtual celebration on Saturday.

Watching Your Weight During a Pandemic – For those not worried about contracting COVID-19 but rather gaining “the COVID-19,” there is some good news. According to a scale maker that is privy to the weights of customers who use its internet-connected product, people are typically gaining just .21 pounds per month during quarantine. That sounds re-assuring but I am still scared out of my wits to step on the scale after nearly eight weeks of not going to the gym.

People are for the most part maintaining weight during the pandemic.


Big day tomorrow. I ask that you pray for my wife, daughter, son, in-laws, and their pilots as they make the cross-country trip. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Don’t Blink.

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