Walking Away From April Fools

Due to the current state of the world, April Fools’ Day was pretty much canceled this year. In my opinion, that might be the one good thing that has come from this awful virus. I dislike April Fools and I think you have to be pretty strategic if you want to pull off something tasteful.

With April Fools Day enthusiasm at an all-time low, it has opened the door for another “holiday” with enthusiasm at perhaps an all-time high. Today is National Walking Day.

In 2018, I joined my parents, Sidney, Sloan, and my brother on a walk around the neighborhood.

At least in the state of Washington, “going for a walk” is pretty much the only activity that is permitted outside the house besides essential grocery store trips. The state government has recognized the need for citizens to get some fresh air and has allowed the people to walk.

In my parents’ neighborhood, this freedom has been embraced. My mom and dad have a huge living room window that peers out at the busiest street in their residential community. From the moment I sit down for work in the morning to the second the sun goes down in the evening, I observe a constant stream of people walking by. The foot traffic is never ending and diverse: individuals, couples, families, pet owners, and groups of friends are seemingly wearing out the pavement in front of the house.

How can this be a bad thing? As long as social distancing is being practiced, I applaud people for taking the initiative to engage in a permitted activity that promotes socialization and exercise.

In my experience, going for a walk is extremely therapeutic. The activity is non-strenuous enough that you can have a clear train of thought throughout the entire stroll. Scenery is also a big plus and is something that you can control. Personally, I have always preferred neighborhood walks because you can scope out how people are maintaining their lawns and there is no shortage of social interactions with those neighbors outside. Most importantly, during these times of isolation, nothing beats the opportunity to bask in fresh air. After being cooped up in your house for so many hours straight, there is no better motivation than to lace up those sneakers and hit the pavement.

Seriously, if you are going stir crazy, take a walk. In these times it might be the best stress reliever there is…and that’s no joke. Don’t Blink.

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