My 10 Unpopular Opinions

In last night’s blog post about current social media engagement tactics, I omitted 10 UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. At the time I explained my decision by acting as if it was beneath me. In reality, I laid off so I could devote tonight’s entire post to it.

I have an unpopular opinion about Disney World.

1. Disney World is overrated – Would have made a bolder statement if my wife didn’t like it so much.

2. There is no better time to wake up than 4 a.m. – Early bird truly gets the worm.

3. I am not a dog fan – One word: CATS

4.  Star Wars? Lord of the Rings? Star Trek? No, no, and no – Let me reemphasize…NO, NO, AND NO.

5. Sour candy is the worst candy – Would rather suck on a clove of garlic than a Warhead.

6. Following all the rules when you have braces is the only way to go – For two and a half years I had no soda, no caramel, or no popcorn.

7. Wearing a pocket watch made me feel cool in middle school – No wonder I didn’t have a girlfriend.

9. Will Ferrell is not funny – Probably the only comedian who consistently puts me in a bad mood.

10. I find bowling boring – Well, a beer or two can make it a little more tolerable.

Don’t Blink.

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