I Saw the Sign Thursday Rundown

Another Thursday in this uncertain COVID-19 has arrived and once again I am here to at least provide some certainty with my delivery of another Thursday Rundown. Let’s get started…

Such a Good Idea for Kids – My good friend from high school and his wife came up with the best quarantine activity for their kids. They set up a root beer tasting challenge! They purchased some of the heavyweights in the root beer industry and allowed their daughters (and themselves) to blind taste test the sodas. After everything was said and done, the verdict was mixed. Cody liked Henry Weinhard’s the best. His wife and youngest daughter opted for Sioux City Root Beer (I will have to try it one of these days). His oldest daughter chose the only canned root beer in the challenge––Barq’s! Nice work, everyone.

Absolutely loved this Root Beer Challenge idea!

A Sign… – For the first time in more than a month, I saw toilet paper actually stocked on the shelves of a grocery store with my own eyes. I was in Rosauers on Saturday when I spotted several rolls that were up for grabs. It definitely wasn’t Charmin or Cottonelle but it was a welcome sight to see. I know we have a long way to go but I have seen several encouraging signs this week with respect to our coronavirus battle.

It was good to see toilet paper back on the shelves!

Never Forget – On the three-year anniversary of Sloan’s Pyloric Stenosis corrective surgery, I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Robert Cina and his talented surgical team at MUSC in Charleston. They are the reason why Sloan is a healthy and sassy toddler who makes us all so happy. It took a year of reflection before I wrote this blog post two years ago.

During Sloan’s bout with Pyloric Stenosis and for over a year afterwards, we kept it between immediate family. Sidney and I are so thankful for the support of our parents. This photo shows our moms and dads with Sloan at MUSC.

The Masked Coug – A little humor could be felt on campus last Friday when the “Cougar Pride” sculpture was outfitted with its own PPE. We don’t know who fitted the WSU landmark with the mask but it sure was a hit on social media. Breathe easy!

The “Cougar Pride” sculpture was outfitted with its own mask.

Have a Good One, Mel – The NFL Draft is already underway (so weird adjusting back to west coast start times) and I am not watching. However, if I do tune in later tonight, it will be to watch Mel Kiper’s analysis. Six years ago, I wrote this ode to one of the smartest people I have ever watched on television. Even if you aren’t a fan of Kiper, you have to admit that Darren Rovell’s tweet is pretty good.

It is Draft #37 for Mel Kiper Jr. tonight.


Thanks for spending a few minutes of your Thursday with me. Enjoy your weekend and be safe! Don’t Blink.

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