A New Home Office

Over the weekend, my parents surprised me. But before I describe what they did, let me give you some context.

Since I started working from home (aka my parents’ house), I have taken over the dining room as my makeshift office. It has worked fine for me, and, fortunately, my mom insists that she does not mind my main level occupancy. But I do feel bad that I am essentially closing down a large portion of the house during the workday.

For the most part, my “current” office has been working out.

Also, I can’t fully escape the noises from traffic and nearby yard work that regularly infiltrates into the dining room. Additionally, looking to the near future when my family arrives, my location in the middle of the house will render me as a play option for my 3-year-old daughter. As much as I love to entertain her, playtime isn’t conducive to the workday.

As our working from home arrangement continues at WSU, I brought up the subject of securing alternative office space to my “landlords.” They had the perfect idea…

Yes, my dad wrote out a nameplate to hang on my “office” door. If anyone gets lost on their way to a Zoom meeting I am hosting, I am sure it will help them find their way…

My dad made me this fancy nameplate.

Crack open the door a bit and you can catch a glimpse of the very nice work my parents did converting this space to my new office…

An initial glimpse into my new office.

But let’s actually go in, shall we?

Check out this work area! I got a desk, comfy chair, computer, and even a globe if I forget where Pullman is…

A look at my working space.

But let’s conclude this tour by zooming out.

Welcome to my new office…and old bedroom?

Here is the complete view of my office/guestroom.

That’s right! My parents converted my old basement bedroom from my teenage years into my new office as a 33-year-old professional.

Before the jokes start coming my way (besides the ones about me living with my parents) this bedroom was turned into a guestroom after I left the state 15 years ago. So, no, the floral bedspread and curtains aren’t a holdover from 2005.

Any sarcasm aside, I am really appreciative of my parents for doing this. Don’t Blink.

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