A Final Family Myrtle Beach Visit

Good morning! I would like to begin this post by acknowledging that today is Ash Wednesday. With the beginning of Lent now at hand, it is important to remember that the journey over the next 40 days is meant to be experienced both personally and communally. May your 2020 Lenten season be filled with meaning and sacrifice.

With that said, something else is special about this day. My mom and sister are coming to town! In just minutes, they will be landing in Myrtle Beach. The trip is significant in multiple ways, primarily for the reason that they will meet Beau for the first time.

My mom and sister are in route to see Beau.

Their mini vacation is meaningful in other aspects as well. This will be the final time I have family visit me in Myrtle Beach prior to our move. My parents will tell you that even though South Carolina is far away from where they live, at least it was always a fun and warm place to visit!

While my mom has made multiple trips to Myrtle Beach, this will be just the second time my sister has visited. The first time Miranda came to Myrtle was nearly four years ago for our wedding. In fact, that was the sole time she has ever met Sidney’s family. Speaking of time passing, Sidney and I haven’t seen my sister in more than a year. It is time to catch up!

Their visit will also coincide with major moments in the faith journeys of Sidney and Beau. It will be a very special day tomorrow morning at St. Andrew and my mom and sister will be there to witness it.

Beau has a big day coming up tomorrow and will be able to share it with my mom and Miranda.

Finally, it just isn’t “the Beau show.” I know my mom and sister can’t wait to hug Sloan again. And, although it might just be a rumor, I think they might be a little bit excited to see these new parents of two as well. Although their time in South Carolina will be short––they are leaving Saturday morning––it will definitely be sweet. Don’t Blink.

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