Legacy Thursday Rundown

Good evening! I hope 2020 is off to a good start for everyone. What do you say we get started with my latest Thursday Rundown?

Sidney Update – I haven’t provided too many updates on Sid’s pregnancy so I thought tonight would be a good opportunity to shed some light. My wife will turn 33 weeks on Saturday. She describes herself as “very pregnant” and is at the stage where it is hard to sleep or just be comfortable. She is going to the doctor once a week and has become good friends with everyone in the office. Tomorrow we will get to see our baby as Sid will have her first ultrasound in a few months. Please pray for Sidney and our baby over the next few weeks.

As Sid inches closer to giving birth, we are preparing to welcome our new baby.

Gym Coverage – Three months ago, I wrote about how the gym I exercise at changed from Gold’s Gym (corporate based) to Iron Legacy Gym (independent). Well, this week the name change and the rich history of the gym was covered extensively in the Myrtle Beach media. The Sun News published this article on the gym and then Meredith Helline of WMBF did this AWESOME story that prominently features the owners, Ted and Nancy Capp. The story does a superb job of detailing the authentic 1980s vibe that Iron Legacy proudly rocks. You also find out about the famous celebrities that have worked out within the Legacy walls. Even if you hate gyms, I am sure you will enjoy these stories.

It is great to see my gym, Iron Legacy Gym, receive the recognition it deserves (photo courtesy of the Sun News)

Memory – It is funny, sometimes you totally forget about aspects of your childhood until your own kid reminds you of them. For Christmas, Sloan received a Peppa Pig matching game. I had not thought about this popular and simple children’s game for a couple decades. But once I started playing it with Sloan I reminisced about a few of the memory-based games we had in our house growing up. Like Sloan, it was one of the first games I played. Although our daughter doesn’t play exactly by the rules, it is fun to sprawl out on the living room floor and let Sloan run the show.

Last night, Sloan and I played the Peppa Pig matching game. Sloan “won.”

Build-A-Bear – Some of you might be familiar with it while others may not. There is a chain called Build-A-Bear that allows customers to make their own teddy bear. You get to stuff it and choose its clothes. Last weekend, Sidney’s parents took Sloan to the Myrtle Beach location as a reward for finally becoming potty trained. Sloan had a fantastic time building her own stuffed animal and when one of the store employees asked her to name it, she didn’t hesitate when she responded with “Susie” (we have no idea where she got that name from). Susie now resides in our daughter’s crib with roughly 15 other of Sloan’s stuffed friends.

Susie is sandwiched between Peppa and George in Sloan’s crib. On the right is Sloan at Build-A-Bear.

Top Drinks – Well, it definitely didn’t make my Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019 but I still had fun writing about my favorite drinks. A year ago on this date, I ranked my top 5 favorite beverages. The picture below gives you a hint on some of the drinks that made the list but if you are curious to learn what was ranked at the top (because I know you are dying to know), you have to go read it. My mission, as always, is to provide content that has a vital impact on your life (#sarcasm) Cheers!

A year ago on this date, I counted down my 5 favorite drinks.


I appreciate the time you took out of your Thursday evening to read my blog. Our big event on the calendar is attending the birthday party of Sloan’s friend, Stevie Blair. It is always a good time! I will catch up with everyone next week. Don’t Blink.

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