In 2020, Take it One Day at a Time

Happy New Year! I hope your decade is off to a fantastic start. Last year, I provided some tips on how to get your year off to a positive start. Today, I wanted to offer some extremely simple advice to keep in mind throughout all 366 days of 2020 (don’t you love leap years?).

For a while now, I have consistently told Sidney the same thing over and over: take it one day at a time. This advice usually comes in the context of her pregnancy. She is now almost 32 weeks along and the anxiousness and stress can really start to build. Rather than eyeing the due date or even the next week, I encourage her to focus on the day at hand, stressing that each single day well-lived is good for her and the baby.

I also tell her this when it comes to the school year or summer break. But the truth is that I don’t only dispense this advice on my wife, I am constantly reminding myself of it as well. I have tried to do a better job at following my own mantra of Don’t Blink by savoring each day that I am blessed to live. This means not looking too far ahead or wishing any days away. Although I am by no means perfect at following my own advice, this mindset has led to more productive and positive days.

Can you guess what my advice to you for 2020 is? Let’s roll out the italics again…take it one day at a time. This year, make a commitment to truly be the best version of yourself from the moment you wake up to the moment you lay down your head at night.

I think New Year’s resolutions are great. They challenge us to set goals and better ourselves. But because of the long-term nature of these resolutions, we sometimes look way too far ahead while neglecting the present. By all means, make these annual resolutions but be weary of losing track of the days while you try to lose a bunch of weight by a certain date or get in shape for a vacation in the summer. Instead, emphasize each day as a building block for reaching your goal and literally take time each morning to recognize how blessed you are to have consciousness. It will make a difference.

Even if you aren’t a resolution-type, make a commitment this year to value each day. Give it your all, make a difference, and savor every moment afforded to you.

Have a terrific 2020, my friends. Don’t Blink.

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