Iguana Thursday Rundown

The second half of January has not been as pleasant as the first. After a couple weeks of sunny and warm conditions, Myrtle Beach has joined in solidarity with the rest of the nation by becoming very COLD. Now that the obligatory weather report is finished, let’s begin with the Thursday Rundown…

When Breakfast Turns Into Brunch – I shared my love for going out to breakfast with Sloan this past Saturday. I took her to the Early Riser Diner and I read her my favorite traditional breakfast offerings on the menu such as pancakes, waffles, and French toast. When I asked her what she wanted, I was just a tad disappointed when she opted for a grilled cheese and fries. I think she had a case of food envy because she only took one bite out of her sandwich and ate just a couple fries. Then again, who am I kidding? Her poor eating effort had less to do with the plate that was in front of her and more to do with the jelly packets and coffee creamer containers that she played with the whole time. On a side note, my chocolate chip pancakes were really good!

Sloan got the grilled cheese she ordered but she was anything but interested in it once it arrived.

National Handwriting Day – Today is National Handwriting Day and I am celebrating myself! As an avid journaler, I practice my penmanship on a daily basis. As someone who struggled writing neatly as a child, I have developed a respectable handwriting style over the years, mostly because of practice. My wife characterizes my handwriting as “neat but very masculine.”

Happy National Handwriting Day!

Falling Iguanas – The cold snap is impacting areas further south than just my state! Florida is experiencing freezing temperatures as well and there is a rather strange byproduct from the chilly temperatures. On Tuesday night, the National Weather Service warned the Sunshine State to be cognizant of falling iguanas. The forecast proved correct as the lizards started falling on Wednesday. As you probably guessed, the cold blooded iguanas froze in the trees they hang out in and fell to the surface. Because the invasive species has reproduced so rapidly over the decades, the ground becomes littered with the fallen reptiles. This story had the group messages for both my family and Sid’s family blowing up!

These green iguanas are all over the place in Florida. Currently they are waking up from a deep freeze.

Thanks for Helping a Pregnant Girl – At almost 35 weeks pregnant, Sidney is experiencing a lot of uncomfortable nights. It is just so hard to move around and find a comfortable spot. Can you imagine how an uncontrollable coughing spell would heighten your misery even more, especially since she can’t take most medicines? On Friday night, Sid suffered a nasty coughing attack that lasted for hours. As I watched the tears start to come in my wife’s eyes, I asked Twitter for help. Followers responded with remedies ranging from pineapple juice to raw honey. However, the idea that provided her relief was rubbing Vick’s Vapor Rub on the bottom of her feet and then slipping on socks! Thanks, Twitter.

This was the Twitter plea I sent out on behalf of my wife.

Rewinding It Back – Let’s go to the archives to conclude this Thursday Rundown. On this date a year ago, I wrote about how we were dealing with our newest houseguest…ALEXA! On Jan. 23, 2018, I sounded off on the reality shows that Sidney watches, ranking them according to how unbearable each one is. Finally, on Jan 23, 2017, I listed my top five pizza delivery places. Any guesses on my top choice?

Me holding the Fritos Chili Pizza.


Don’t you love short weeks? It is already Friday tomorrow! Treat yourself to some hot chocolate and have a great weekend. Don’t Blink.

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