Tractor Thursday Rundown

Let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve! Okay, that was a little lame. Here we go with my latest Thursday Rundown…

I Can Relate – When I ran across this meme on Facebook, all I could say was you bet I remember! This was a tradition that was dutifully practiced in our household growing up. We loved it when our dad would take us on a spin through neighborhoods to see some of the best decorated houses in the city. I have fond memories of those dark, snowy nights with the car heater blasting and Christmas carols playing on the radio. Sloan has already been treated to this tradition!

Yes, I do remember this!

My Big Red Tractor – When deciding on a Sloan photo for this Thursday Rundown, I opted for this one of her behind the wheel. Our daughter strangely loves engineering vehicles such as excavators and tractors and this past Thanksgiving she got to actually “drive” one. It was a real thrill for her to hop on the red tractor that was parked outside my brother-in-law’s business during our Turkey Day celebration. Our little girl is going to grow up to be a farmer!

Would you like to take a ride on Sloan’s big red tractor?

Got Milk? – I grew up drinking milk with every meal and I still do it for the most part today. Because I enjoy the beverage so much, I took note when a TV at the gym had a news story about the decline of Americans purchasing milk. You want to know the main reason? It isn’t about diet, it isn’t about other competing beverages, and it isn’t about the taste. Rather, it is about cereal. Yes, cereal. It turns out that Americans are buying even less cereal than milk. The correlation is an easy one to understand but I didn’t figure that cereal’s woes would take such a big bite (or gulp) out of milk.

I love milk!

Good Holiday Treat – Although I prefer my own homemade snack mix, we ate something over the Thanksgiving holiday that was pretty good. Walmart sells a Great Value peanut butter trail mix. What’s not to like about peanuts, pretzels, and Reese’s Pieces? However, if you have low self-control you might want to pass because the stuff is addicting! But for a holiday party or for a snack during a Christmas movie, it is still pretty good. But it doesn’t hold a candle to Rudolph’s Mix.

Great Value Peanut Butter Trail Mix is pretty good!

Follow Up On Ms. Lommasson – On Tuesday night, I wrote about my 2013 encounter with Emma Lommasson, the oldest person I have ever been privileged to meet. In the post I noted that we rubbed elbows because I attended a visit between her and Mick Delaney, the head football coach of the University of Montana at the time. I mentioned that I was there to cover the event for social media but I didn’t think I still had any of the content from that day. Well, crazy enough, the six-year anniversary of the visit is today and when I opened up Timehop I came across some photos of an elated Ms. Lommasson reacting to her visitor. After a long life, she passed away this past Saturday.

These photos document the meeting between Mick Delaney and Emma Lommasson in 2013.


So what is everyone doing this weekend? As holiday parties start to take place, remember to use my tips for hitting the circuit. Enjoy! Don’t Blink.

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