Vanderpump Thursday Rundown

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I guess that doesn’t really apply for sicknesses. I developed a cold while I was in Nevada and it has taken my voice away. Luckily, it can’t touch my typing skills. Here is my Thursday Rundown…

Charlotte Beauty Photo – When we made our descent into Charlotte yesterday, a gorgeous sunset surrounded us. The brilliant colors reflected my mood because I was just an hour away from seeing my wife and daughter. I managed to take a quick photo.

I snapped this photo as we started to land in Charlotte yesterday.

Vanderpump Rules – While we were in Las Vegas, we were mostly business. We came to the city to present and learn. But we did have a little bit of extra time on Tuesday evening so we went some place fun…well, a place that Lindsi and my wife consider “fun.” We found ourselves at the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden, a lounge in Caesars Palace that belongs to infamous reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump. If you are a fan of “Vanderpump Rules” then chances are this place might interest you. I poke fun about it not being my cup of tea but I did have a nice time sitting inside the establishment and admiring the elaborate décor and flowers. Although I couldn’t bring a cocktail back to Sid, I did manage to swipe a napkin.

Visiting the Vanderpump Garden was pretty cool and the goat cheese balls actually weren’t that bad.

Made AMA Video – In my past couple of blog posts , I have written about the American Marketing Association Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education. If you still don’t understand what the heck it is, I recommend that you watch this 1-minute recap video of the conference. Look closely, you might see this blogger speaking at the :23 second mark.

Free Chili – Any of us who have ever attended a sporting event at the college or professional level know about promotions based on the home team compiling a certain point total or other meaningful statistic. When I worked in intercollegiate athletics at the University of Montana, we had a Wendy’s chili promotion. If the Griz basketball team scored 73 or more points, everyone in attendance would receive a coupon for a free cup of chili. I never knew how popular a few bites of a meat and bean stew could be until we started doing this. Not only would people cheer enthusiastically for the Griz to score 73 points, but they would make sure they received their coupon as if their life depended on it. Crowds would swarm our poor interns who were passing them out. A lot of reaching and grabbing would go on. If for some reason a fan did not receive a coupon, we would get an email about it. Since my UM days, because of fatigue, I have not had any desire to eat a cup of Wendy’s chili.

This promotion drove fans into hysteria!

Back in the Doghouse – Sloan had a playdate at Jacqueline’s house this past weekend and once again my daughter decided to hole up in the dog kennel. She eventually played with stuff actually meant for toddlers but I couldn’t help but laugh.

Sloan found her way back in the kennel with Jacqueline.


Thank you for your time this Thursday. Hope your November is going well and that you are starting to feel the Thanksgiving spirit. I will catch up with everyone next week. Don’t Blink.

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