This morning, my boss walked into our meeting room and exclaimed, “Happy HalloweenGivingMas!” It was the first time I heard the phrase but it immediately resonated with me. I liked it.

The three month period that started today is my favorite sequence during the year. Believe it or not, I like this quarter of the calendar even more than summer. For me, it just comes down to the family and holiday components.

October itself is awesome. I have written extensively about this before…and it is not just because it is my birthday month. The smell and feel of autumn is unbeatable and who doesn’t love corn mazes, beautiful colors, scary movies, and Halloween? November is highlighted by the four-day holiday weekend and themes of thankfulness and family. December is a month-long celebration filled with magic, joy, and warm cheer.

Combined together, it is a 90+ day ride of excitement and anticipation. As we begin this three month run, I have high hopes for more memories and highlights. Enjoy everyone, the calendar always saves the best three months for last. Happy HalloweenGivingMas! Don’t Blink.

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