Cucumber Thursday Rundown

We are at the end of another blogging week and we know what that means….the Thursday Rundown. If you don’t mind, let’s jump right in tonight.

Sleeping With Her Friends – Sloan insists on sleeping with her “friends” which means every single stuffed animal she has. Yesterday morning I took this photo of her entourage. Who needs covers when you have an enormous stuffed unicorn draped across your body?

Sloan sleeping with her friends.

Southern Eating – There is a little restaurant in downtown Conway called the Pickled Cucumber. Forgive me for not taking photos of the building itself but at least I got the food. It is all about homemade Southern cooking at this place. I went with Sidney’s family for Sunday lunch and I thought it was pretty impressive. This is a “meat and three” establishment so you typically choose an entrée and three sides. I opted for just two sides––mashed potatoes and rice––and for my main course I ordered chicken and dumplings. Can’t forget about the corn bread that was thrown on there either.

My dish from the Pickled Cucumber in Conway.

Didn’t Win No Beauty Contest – I wasn’t the cutest baby by any means, there is no disputing that. But with a birthday drawing near, I thought it was appropriate to share this newborn photo that recently popped up on my Timehop. Not all babies can be adorable and I am just thankful that I was delivered into this world.

I wasn’t the prettiest baby, that’s for sure.

A Looooong July–A Facebook friend posted this and I couldn’t help but laugh. Although we have had a glimpse here and there of fall, it has still been really hot here. Today the high temperature was 94 degrees. I don’t mind the sizzling temperatures, but it is of funny to think of it as a long extension of July. I know how it is the other way around too. They say February is the shortest month but in Montana I swear it lasted until February 82nd.

This is actually kind of true.

Care to Stay a Night? – Thanks to my friend, Erik, I am following an interesting (but weird) Twitter account that publishes some oddball content. To get a full extent of what I am talking about you will have to follow it (@41strange) but here is an example of a post. The only clown hotel I think I would stay at in Nevada is Circus Circus. I know this word if overused, but this joint looks sketchy. I am always up for an adventure but I don’t know if I will be making a reservation here.

Even though clowns don’t bother me, this isn’t my first choice for a hotel.


I have a wide open weekend coming up which is nice because the rest of October is jammed packed. Going to make sure I savor it! Enjoy your evening, everyone. Don’t Blink.

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