Sticking a Fork in Summer 2019

Well, summer is over.

Like, really over.

Once August 1 hit, we felt our summer freedom slipping from our grasp. Sid had to return to school for meetings and classroom prep. I said goodbye to the beloved summer hour schedule at CCU. Sloan started going back to daycare for 3-day and 4-day weeks instead of the leisurely summer 2-day week. But even though we knew the end was coming, there was still a summer vibe around the house. No longer. The transition is now complete and the school year is here.

We spent our last summer night eating ice cream with Sid’s parents.

Horry County Schools held its first day of classes today and Sid went back to Palmetto Bays Elementary for her sixth year of teaching. However, although she in a familiar place, she is in a different role. Mrs. Reser came home this afternoon with one day as a fourth grade teacher under her belt. She is going to be wonderful in her new grade level.

Sid started her sixth year as a teacher and her first year as a fourth grade teacher today.

Coastal Carolina University students begin a new academic year on Wednesday. But with residence hall move-in taking place this past weekend and plenty of activities occurring today and tomorrow, it won’t take two more days for me to get busy.

Sloan is now attending daycare fulltime, a reality that is quite depressing.

But before you feel sorry for us, please know that we had a really nice summer. We had the best of both worlds as we spent half of it constantly on the go and then the latter half was enjoyed at a much slower pace here in Myrtle Beach.

Summer life started out daunting. The first several weeks were full of trips and events. We journeyed to Atlanta for a weekend to watch the Braves, Sid went on a trip to New York, we vacationed for a week in the Florida Keys, and we spent time preparing for/celebrating Sidney’s sister’s wedding. There was never a dull moment and it was nice to get out of dodge.

We had a very busy first half of the summer.

But as June started to conclude, we settled down a bit. We had time to ride Sid’s dad’s boat, hang out at the pool, go to baseball games, and spend summer nights watching Netflix and Redbox movies. Instead of us traveling, others traveled to us. We hosted my brother and his fiancé over the Fourth of July holiday. Then, later that month, my parents came for a special visit. The pace sloooooowed down and we had a chance to savor the season before it disappeared.

Our second half of summer was spent in Myrtle Beach just hanging out.

To say it has been an interesting summer is an understatement. We have been blessed in numerous ways and can’t wait to take the momentum we have generated these past couple months into the fall. But before we go full speed ahead, I want to thank my girls for making Summer 2019 so enjoyable. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t tough to see it go. Don’t Blink.

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