Dew Thursday Rundown

Happy August! I know this month is packed for many of us so I sincerely hope the next four weeks are productive and enjoyable for you. Let’s get started with the Thursday Rundown…

Gone Fishing – Sloan “fished” (just like she “bowled”) for the first time over the weekend. From the same gazebo where she feeds the turtles, Sloan was also able to cast her first line. Does Sloan have the patience to be an accomplished fisherwoman? NO. Well, at least not at this point in her life. But it was still nice to get a fishing pole in her hands.

Sloan went fishing this past weekend.

Impromptu Visit from Parents – My mom and dad recently booked a spur of the moment trip to Myrtle Beach and they arrived in town yesterday. With us not making a trip to Spokane this summer and the jury out on whether we will visit at Christmas, my parents made sure that they wouldn’t go too long without seeing their granddaughter. Sloan’s love for her grandma and papa is as strong as ever and watching them spend time together is the absolute best. We are excited to have my parents stay through the weekend.

My parents are in town. This is a photo of them with Sloan at lunch today.

Banana Creme Frosted Flakes – There is a store near our house called Ollie’s. It reminds me of a second-run movie theater. Instead of getting the newest and hottest right when it is released, it receives inventory a little longer down the line. The benefit is that the product (or movie) comes at a discounted price. Ollie’s is home to a large and eclectic mix of grocery/toy/hardware/personal care/etc. products that you might not see on the shelves at a Walmart or Home Depot anymore. The selection is vast and discounts many. I couldn’t help but purchase this banana-flavored family sized box of Frosted Flakes for $1.99. Make sure to take your own trip to Ollie’s to see the other oddball products you can take home with you.

I picked up these Banana Crème Frosted Flakes from Ollie’s.

Mt Dew Varieties – The highly caffeinated green liquid from the Pepsi-Cola company isn’t necessarily always green. Mt. Dew Code Red, Livewire, and Baja Blast are all drinks under the Dew brand that most of us have heard of. A rare trip to KFC recently introduced me to another. When I purchased one of the mashed potato bowls a drink came with it. I noticed the Mt. Dew Sweet Lightning option prominently advertised on the drive-thru menu. Without even asking about the flavor (because how do you conceptualize “Sweet Lightning”?), I decided to order it. Can’t say that I was that disappointed with it. It tasted like tangerine soda and on a hot July evening it hit the spot.

You can only get Sweet Lightning Mt. Dew from KFC.

Something to Snicker At – Even by social media standards, this is a shameless publicity stunt. Snickers says it will distribute 1 million free candy bars to America if the Federal Government changes the date of Halloween this year. The candy company wants to see Halloween moved from Thursday, Oct. 31 to Saturday, Oct. 26. Of course it would NEVER happen. Could you imagine Halloween on a date other than the last day of October? Not even Dracula himself could get it moved. The other part I find funny about this “bribe” is that having Halloween on a Thursday really isn’t that bad. Of course a weekend night would be preferred but compared it having it on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, it isn’t that terrible of a deal to have it on Thursday. What a crock.

Give me a break.


It will be a weekend dedicated to family. I hope all of my readers can enjoy some family time too as we navigate through these dog days of summer. Don’t Blink.

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