Blueberry Thursday Rundown

Greetings, everyone! Excuse me, but I must admit that I am a little tired, it has been quite the week. Needless to say, I am ready for Friday to arrive. But fatigue will never halt the Thursday Rundown so let’s get started…

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich – I watched with interest as Popeyes duked it out on social media with other fast food restaurants after the release of its chicken sandwich. Although I know that being rude and crude on social media has paid big dividends for some companies, I could personally never follow suit. I wouldn’t want to work for an employer that would sell out its integrity for “likes” and perhaps a little larger bottom line. BUT, regarding the important part of this debate, there is no better chicken sandwich than the one you can order at Chick-fil-A.

This image of Popeyes’ chicken sandwich has become extremely popular over the past few days.

Coupon Cards – A couple nights ago, a Carolina Forest High School football player stopped by our house to sell us a coupon card. I am extremely familiar with this type of fundraiser because I had to do it when I played football for the Mead High School Panthers in the early 2000s (graduated in 2005). I HATED it back then so I felt plenty of sympathy for the young man at my door. As I purchased the $20 card filled with less than stellar deals, I wondered why a better fundraiser hasn’t been developed in the 14 years since I last sold the damn things. Heck, back in 2013 I was lobbying for the end of them. I guess some things never change.

We bought this Carolina Forest High School coupon card the other night.

#CCUfamily for Generation Z – A hallmark of our #CCUSocialMedia program, #CCUfamily, received a facelift for the new academic year. Wanting to modernize the solid feature, I relied on the suggestions of Geoff Insch, video superstar, and Anthony Bowser, our social media specialist, to create a fresh look. What we ended up with was a Buzzfeed-inspired, Generation Z-optimized final product. Best of all? We profiled my social media intern, Katie, as our first feature. If you have a moment, take a look!

Make sure to follow the link to view Katie’s feature.56 qtr

Latest Ice Cream Flavor – Over the weekend, we celebrated the end of our summer by hitting up one of our favorite ice cream shops, Brusters. I experimented with a new flavor that I feel is worth mentioning here. I ordered the month’s featured flavor, lemon blueberry cake. It was lemon ice cream with thick blueberry swirls and yellow cake pieces. I was impressed that the blueberry and lemon flavors could work in harmony to provide a taste that was unique, pleasant, and very “summer-yyy.” Two thumbs up.

A look at the lemon blueberry cake ice cream I had over the weekend.

Old School Laughs – How did I never know about “The King of Queens”?! Sidney, like she has done for other shows, has hooked me on reruns of the sitcom. My enthusiasm for the show comes from the character of Doug, played by Kevin James. He cracks me up and truly is relatable. My two favorite episodes so far are when Doug purchases an ice cream truck and when he gets out of exercising by bribing his trainer who has an addiction to video games. Good stuff!


Thank you for the opportunity to once again write for you! Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to touching base next week. Don’t Blink.

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