Pink Thursday Rundown

For those on the East Coast, I hope you are handling this heat wave the best you can. Take advantage of air conditioning and stay hydrated! It is a Thursday so let’s get rolling with tonight’s five topics.

All Pink – Over four years ago, I wrote about the glee I felt when I opened a fun-sized Starburst package to find that both pieces were the pink flavor. For those who are familiar with the candy, the pink pieces are without question the best. Well, no longer do you have to leave it up to chance when it comes to scoring the best flavor. You can now buy a full-sized Starburst roll of all pink candies without worry of ever getting an orange or yellow.

What a great idea it was to make an all pink Starburst package!

Old – Earlier this week, I did what just about every American did and I aged myself using FaceApp. It was a little shocking to me, don’t know if I really like what I saw. At least my wife did––she said I will make a handsome old man. I sent the photo to our Reser Pride text message group and my sister said she doubts I will have that much hair. The app definitely provided our laughs for the week.

I look pretty weathered in this FaceApp photo.

Beach Day – Sidney is notorious for expressing her dislike for the beach. Despite having one of God’s great creations practically in our backyard, we seldom go. However, we did spend some quality time with the Atlantic Ocean this past weekend. We met Sid’s parents and her sister’s family at 44th Avenue. It was so refreshing to cool off in the water and pounce on the sand.

We had a great beach day on Saturday.

Movies – Let me ramble about movies for just a minute. We watched “Best of Enemies” last night and really enjoyed it. The way conflict resolution is portrayed in relation to a major civil rights issue was really interesting. But nothing compares to the film’s touching impactful! We also rented “Little” which was good for a few laughs. On Netflix I watched “The Informant,” a Matt Damon movie from 2009. If you have a couple hours to spare, go ahead and watch it, the deception is captivating! Finally, thanks to Timehop, I learned that 29 years ago “Arachnophobia” came out. It was just another reminder that I am old because I remember watching it with my friend during one of my first sleepovers. John Goodman and Jeff Daniels for the win!

I don’t have arachnophobia. I am more scared of bugs.

Tee Ball – In case you haven’t noticed, the past couple weeks I have struggled to find a fifth topic to write about. How can you tell? Well, I have resorted to throwback photos. This latest image shows me suited up for tee ball. We were the Expos and I am pretty sure I wasn’t all that good. I also wore my hat, as Sidney would describe it, “like a grandpa.”

Wearing my hat like a grandpa back when I was probably 5 or 6.


As always, it is a pleasure. Stay cool this weekend and I will catch up with everyone next week. Don’t Blink.

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