A Flower Girl Proposal

Earlier this month when my brother and his fiancée visited, I wasn’t the only one who received a wedding party proposal. The day before I was asked to be Glen’s best man, the engaged couple popped a particular question to Sloan as well.

An hour or so after Glen and Carrie arrived at our house, they slipped down the hallway where Sloan’s room is. With it being the same hallway where the guestroom is located, I thought they were just unpacking. With the duo absent, I watched TV while Sloan entertained herself in the playroom.

About 10 minutes later, they resurfaced and Carrie took Sloan by the hand. My brother followed them while Sidney and I followed behind Glen. As we came to the start of the hallway, I could see the beginning of a trail of pink flower petals.

Flower petals were placed in the hallway (Wondering why this image and most of the ones to follow are such bad quality? Most of these images I captured from the video that Glen took).

The petals led to the door of Sloan’s room. With Glen filming the whole thing, I knew something was up. Carrie let Sloan open the door…

Carrie let Sloan open the door to see what was going on inside.

The petal trail grew thicker and led to a stool in Sloan’s room. On the stool was a gift bag. At this point I realized what was happening. Claiming complete ignorance, I had no idea what was going on until the door opened…Sid couldn’t believe how stupid I was when I admitted it to her.

At this point, I knew what was going on.

Propped up against the gift bag was a card. Sloan grabbed the card and handed it to Carrie who opened it up. Sloan’s future aunt read the card aloud, which asked if our daughter would want to be a flower girl at their wedding next July.

Sloan being asked “The Question.”

Sloan accepted :)

Inside the bag were a few different mementos…you know, flower girl stuff? Of course she was given a bouquet…

Sloan was given a bouquet that she allowed Uncle Glen to smell.

…a cute holder to toss her petals from…

Sloan was given this holder to throw her petals from.

…and an official flower girl t-shirt.

Sloan will share flower girl duties with her cousin, Mikayla, who is modeling the shirt that Sloan received as well.

The best part is that she gets to share her flower girl duties with her cousin, Mikayla! Because Sloan has a whole year to prepare and because she will be working with her cousin, I think Glen and Carrie can be 100% confident that the flower girl role will be adequately covered for their big day.

Thank you to Glen and Carrie for making Sloan feel special! She is so happy to be part of the wedding. One thing is for sure, our little girl loves the spotlight! Don’t Blink.

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