Tacky Thursday Rundown

Good evening to one and all. Remember to really savor this time of the season. Over the next couple weeks we will enjoy some of the longest days of the year. Get out and enjoy them while breathing in the sweet air of summer. Okay, let me get off my soapbox and begin the latest Thursday Rundown…

Tacky Tourist – If you read my blog post from last night, you know that today was not only Sidney’s last day of the school year but also her final day as a second grade teacher. She decided to go out in style by fully participating in her school’s Tacky Tourist Day. Check out this outfit she threw together, complete with a fake sunburn and “raccoon eyes.” Pretty creative if you ask me!

Sidney knocked it out of the park today as a tacky tourist.

Generic to the Core – I am always up for a good knockoff product. Sloan and I have been working on this box of “Berry Crunch.” But the name isn’t the best part of this Crunch Berries rip off. Rather, it is the mascot that appears on the box. How does the bird on the front, a blue mix of the Kellogg’s Cornflakes chicken and the Froot Loops toucan, relate to the cereal in any way? Cap’n Crunch himself has to be pretty puzzled. Despite the random creature on the box, the cereal actually tastes as good as the original cereal.

This week, Sloan and I have been working on a generic version of Crunch Berries called “Berry Crunch.”

Vanilla – I tweeted the below out exactly a year ago. To be honest, it was mostly to gently poke fun at my wife. Not only will she order vanilla at ice cream parlors (for cones and shakes), she will usually order a vanilla bean slice at the Cheesecake Factory. When faced with 31 flavors of ice cream or 34 varieties of cheesecake, how do you select vanilla? But while Sid might fit the literal basis of the tweet, she doesn’t fit it metaphorically. Sidney is one of the most creative people I know and by no means has a “vanilla” personality. Does anyone else out there opt for vanilla flavors?

I tweeted this out on June 6, 2018.

Cookies at Grocery Stores – As a kid, I loved going to the grocery store. In fact, I still really enjoy going as an adult. But back in the day, my primary reasons for going with my mom to do her shopping revolved around browsing the candy aisle, watching the lobsters swim in the tank at the seafood department, playing in the walk-in coolers, and getting my free cookie at the bakery. The last reason is really what motivated me to tag along. It is good to see that the supermarket tradition of pacifying young children (at least for a minute or two) while their parents shop is alive and well. As I mentioned in Monday’s blog post, the cookie that Sloan was given at Kroger over the weekend really helped calm her down. Full disclosure, I am actually a little envious each time Sloan is handed a free cookie because I want one too!

Sloan eating a cookie given to her at Kroger.

Classsssssic – This joke format is pretty common (answering a question but withholding crucial details) but is usually always funny. I love jelly beans but I also know what old ones taste like. This Pickles comic appeared in today’s newspaper.

Classic joke from a classic comic strip.


I am looking forward to the weekend with my wife and daughter. Have a great Friday everyone and I will catch back up with everyone next week. Don’t Blink.

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