Our Third Wedding Anniversary

Three years ago today, Sidney and I danced to “Amazed” by Lonestar at our wedding. Before the first few lyrics were even finished, you could hear light metal objects hitting the floor around us. It didn’t take long before little kids were taking turns dashing out to collect the coins by our feet. By the time the chorus hit (I don’t know how you do what you do, I’m so in love with you!), it wasn’t a pitter-patter of silver and copper anymore. Rather, it was a heavy pour of coins descending from all directions as every child at the reception was on their hands and knees scooping up the money thrown at our feet by the adults.

Ever since the wedding, whenever Lonestar is on the radio, I always hear coins clanging on the ground in my head. The Coin Dance is the best!.

The Coin Dance is an Italian tradition at wedding receptions. Not only is it the highlight of the day for the children in attendance but it provides some of the most memorable pictures and biggest laughs. Perhaps more importantly, legend says the dance brings good luck to newlyweds.

With every coin scooped off the floor, what else could we do but smile?

Well, let me tell you something about legend: If true, it certainly brought Sidney and I all the blissful luck we could have asked for.

Cheers to good luck!


Today we celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Although the story behind the Coin Dance is great and all, I like to think the keys to our first three years of marital happiness can be traced to other factors. At the very basis of my joy is that I married the best girl in the world. There is no way I couldn’t be happy with Sid as my wife. However, that is a very one-sided assessment because let’s face it––I outkicked my coverage.

Today, we celebrated our third wedding anniversary.

But I do think there are a few components that we both benefit mutually from when it comes to the early success of our marriage. In honor of three years, I have three quick reasons.

I can think of three key components that continue to help our marriage prosper.

Marriage Rooted in the Church – Before Sidney and I both said “I do,” we knew that God had to have a permanent and prominent role in our marriage. Our Pre-Cana counseling led us to the altar three years ago to receive the sacrament of holy matrimony. We made our promise to God and to each other, setting us down a fruitful road. No institution values marriage more than the Catholic Church and we were blessed to become one inside of it.

Letting God play a major role in our relationship and getting married in the Catholic Church has made all the difference.

The Best Examples – It helps so much to have parents who exemplify how marriage is done. Sid and I are lucky in that her mom and dad and my mom and dad have about 80 years of marriage between them. We look up to them and aspire to emulate what they have built themselves over the decades. The loyalty, respect, and love shown by our parents is inspiring. Because of the example they have set, we are more motivated to create something truly special in our own marriage.

We have to look no further than our own parents for great examples of what marriage is all about.

From Husband and Wife to Mom and Dad  Some might say that it is overly ambitious, perhaps even burdensome, to have a baby the first year of marriage. But spend 10 minutes with Sloan and tell me that again. We were overjoyed to hear the wonderful news that Sid was pregnant and anxiously awaited the arrival of our daughter. Once Sloan was born, our love for each other grew even stronger. Our marriage had to mature faster than most newlyweds but we would not have had it any other way. To share the constant joy that our toddler brings us while working as a team to be the best parents possible has only strengthened and fostered the love we share with each other.

We are so lucky to have this little monkey. She brings out the best in both of us.

Sidney and I are blessed. We share a love that is richer than the amount of money that was thrown on that dance floor three years ago (and trust me, my dad went all out cashing in big bills for coins). With God, positive role models, and a certain little girl, I know that our marriage will continue to bear fruit.

My parents sent us an anniversary gift with a card that probably paid us the most meaningful compliment ever. Love you, mom and dad.

Three years down, forever to go, right Sid? Don’t Blink.

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