Love and Fun in the Keys

It is time to get exotic!

This morning we are off to the Florida Keys for an important and fun week with Sid’s family.

We are off to the Florida Keys!

First, the important. My sister-in-law (Sid’s sister) is getting married to her fiancé (soon-to-be brother-in-law). Courtney wanted a destination wedding and after waiting patiently her dream is about to come true. Her moment in the sun will come at Hawks Cay Resort on Thursday evening. I have literally (yes, literally), been counting down the days on the family’s group chat since it was well over 100 days out. To see the countdown hit a measly two days this morning is pretty cool. We are all so excited to see the final Mathis sister tie the knot and officially welcome John Henry to the family!

Of course, I anticipate just a little bit (okay, a LOT) of fun to take place over the next week as well. As mentioned, the wedding takes place on Thursday night; but we don’t come back home until next Tuesday! That is a lot of time to explore the Florida Keys. To be honest, I don’t really know what all to expect––but I heard there might be a pool or two.

It goes without saying that the best places require some effort getting to. We will fly from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta. From there we will get on another plane and go to Ft. Lauderdale. At that point, we will ditch the jet for a minivan and drive a couple hours or so to the Florida Keys. Having a 2-year-old always complicates the travel grind but we are crossing our fingers that Sloan behaves the same way she has during the thousands of miles she has already flown in the air.

Peace out, my friends. I won’t be writing for at least a week. Please pray for Court and John Henry as they enter into marriage. Take care and don’t miss me too much. Don’t Blink.

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