Elton Thursday Rundown

It is my pleasure to write another Thursday Rundown. Not much else to say except for let’s get started…

Handkerchief – When I wrote my wedding blog post three years ago, I documented the gift that Sid gave me on our special day. However, with our anniversary taking place this week, I thought I would bring it back for the purposes of this Thursday Rundown. The morning of June 11, 2016, my brother came to the house and gave me a small gift bag and told me it was from Sid. I opened it up and found the below handkerchief. During the actual wedding ceremony I kept it together the whole time, but when I saw this sweet token from Sid I got a little misty-eyed. I carried it with me next to my heart when we said our vows.

This was the handkerchief Sid gave to me the morning of the wedding.

Rocketman – Last Friday, Sid and I went to see “Rocketman.” We are both big Elton John fans so we wanted to catch it while it was in theaters. I think we were a little too excited to see it (it had been nearly a year since I last went to the movies) because we were a little underwhelmed. It was decent and had us moving in our seats at parts, but I was expecting a little more. In my opinion, “Bohemian Rhapsody” was better. You might attribute that to Queen just having a better story to tell, but I think the way the stories were told is what made one film better than the other. I just wasn’t feeling the whole “flashbacks from rehab” angle. However, the Crocodile Rock sequence that showcases the moment that Elton John’s career took off in the United States was fabulous.

Our Elton John tickets from this past Friday.

Another Elton? – Speaking of “Rocketman,” the movie depicted the first time Elton John sat down at a piano as a little boy. In magical fashion, his fingers danced around the keys, making beautiful music. Well, Sloan had her first experience with a piano this past weekend and let me just say this…she is no Elton. Our little girl tried hard but as she pounded the keys while singing “Old McDonald” (I am dead serious) it was obvious that playing the piano wasn’t going to come as naturally to her as it did to Sir Elton Hercules John.

After her performance this past weekend, I don’t think Sloan will be a piano prodigy.

Father’s Day – This Sunday is Father’s Day and I just want to give a shout out to my dad and my father-in-law. Both of these men are sensational male role models and devoted fathers. I look up to them both and am incredibly thankful to have them in my life. Sloan couldn’t grow up around two better grandpas.

Love these guys!

Shake Wars – McDonald’s? Chick-fil-A? Burger King? Dairy Queen? Wendy’s?

No, I am not talking about hamburgers. Rather, I am talking about milkshakes…the vanilla variety. This week, a journalist from The Insider embarked on a worthy pursuit. She sampled vanilla shakes from the above establishments and gave her opinion on which one was best. I am going to be nice tonight and not force you to follow the link…she stated that Chick-fil-A makes the best vanilla shake followed by Burger King. She ranked McDonald’s last, even below Wendy’s, a particularly savage blow considering a frosty really isn’t even a shake. Although I don’t think I have had a shake at either Dairy Queen or Chick-fil-A before, I did stop at Burger King about a month ago solely for the purpose of a vanilla shake and it was really good!

Sarah Schmalbruch tried vanilla shakes from some powerhouse fast food chains.


Time to stick a fork in this Thursday Rundown. Get outside my friends and enjoy the extended daylight we are privileged to enjoy this time of year. Don’t Blink.

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