Back At It Thursday Rundown

Hope your Thursday wasn’t ruined last week when I didn’t publish a rundown. No worries, all is right with the world again because I got five topics coming at you right now…

Delicious Dessert – We ate at a restaurant on the resort the first night we were in the Florida Keys. While browsing the menu I noticed the place offered a white chocolate macadamia bread pudding dessert. Although I was too full to order it after dinner that particular evening, I told Sid that we would have to get it “to-go” a different night. Well, a couple days later we did just that…and then we did it again! This bread pudding, served with toffee ice cream, was so darn good that we made two different late night stops at the restaurant to order it and bring it back to our villa.

This white chocolate macadamia bread pudding (served with ice cream in a separate container) was ah-mazing!

Prize for Sloan – Because Sloan at least tried to be a good girl on vacation (easier said than done) we got her what my wife calls a “prize” at the Fort Lauderdale airport. By the time we boarded our first flight, Sloan was donning Minnie Mouse headphones. The phones allowed her to listen to her iPad without bothering fellow passengers, and, of course, her parents. Even when she finished with her iPad, she kept her new accessory on her head. In fact, she even demanded that she go to sleep with them on. When Sid tried to remove them after we thought she had fallen asleep on the plane, she snapped awake and fussed at us.

Sloan loves her new Minnie Mouse headphones.

Donuts With Daddy – We are backtracking a couple weeks, but the below photo was only recently posted to our daycare’s Facebook page. For the second year in a row, Oxford Children’s Academy held a “Donuts With Daddy” Father’s Day event. Dads of children who attend the daycare were invited to stop by for donuts with their little tyke. Even though Sloan didn’t go to daycare that day (she only goes part time during the summer), we still went to participate in the event. Sloan loved being able to just drop in and eat Krispy Kreme treats with her daddy. Thanks to OCA for another nice memory.

Although we had both finished our donuts before the photo was taken, I am holding a cool card that says “Hooked on Daddy.”

#BB21 – Last night, I started my fifth summer of watching “Big Brother.” Thanks to the influence of my wife, I am a fan of a show I never thought I would watch or enjoy. This year’s cast seems pretty solid and hopefully they will provide us with plenty of entertainment. Although it is waaaaay too early to make judgements both on the character of the contestants and their likelihood of succeeding in the house, my two favorites are Jack (with the long hair) and Isabella. Okay, enough of that––I will try not to write about “Big Brother” again until the season finale.

Big Brother 21 has arrived!

Great Neighbors – I wanted to end tonight’s rundown by giving a shout out to our next door neighbors. Matt and Ellen Heyward helped us out and saved us a lot of money. On the day we departed for the Keys, we left the house for the airport in our vehicle at 4:30 a.m. Later that day, our neighbors went to the airport, picked up our car, and drove it back to our home. When my in-laws dropped us off late Wednesday night, our RAV4 was parked neatly in the driveway. Thank you to Matt and Ellen for going out of their respective ways to do us a big favor and save us over $100.


It is good to be back writing Thursday Rundowns again! Enjoy your last weekend of the month and I will touch base with everyone in July. Don’t Blink.

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