May 2019 Thursday Rundown

Is it really May already? Our family has a packed month and we can’t wait for all the fun that is to come. But for now, let’s just concentrate on the Thursday Rundown. I present to you this evening’s five topics…

Bling, Bling – For those who are curious about the ring my brother got for his fiancé, here it is. I know absolutely nothing about rings (Sidney picked her ring out for me) so don’t expect any commentary from me other than it looks really nice! 

This is the ring that my brother gave to Carrie.

Outdoor Fun – A couple items to report on Sloan. She has progressed nicely with her jungle gym since it was gifted to her about a month and a half ago. Sloan will now go down the slide without needing to hold one of our hands. More impressively, she can now climb up the rock wall with no assistance whatsoever, a feat of coordination and strength! But the biggest current spectacle in our back yard is a rabbit. The critter has been making regular early evening appearances in our lawn, sending Sloan into a frenzy. She likes to call out to it by yelling “Mr. Bunny, come here!” She will sit on our patio and wait for it to re-appear and she loves to leave carrots out for it.

Sloan can climb her rock wall with ease and go down the slide without assistance. She loves “Mr. Bunny” who lives in our back yard.

What’s the Big Deal? – Last night, Sid and I watched the Billboard Music Awards. We enjoy watching the performances and digesting a slice of pop culture. However, I had a tough time putting my finger on the absolute mania reserved for a group called BTS. The cameras switched to them in their seats every minute, celebrities on stage gave them shout outs, and the #BillboardMusicAwards Twitter hashtag was so inundated with BTS references that anything else about the show was practically invisible. Did these kids cure cancer or something? Please, fill me in.

I tweeted out my confusion last night.

Another Five Year Anniversary  My five year anniversary working at Coastal wasn’t the only milestone I was celebrating yesterday. May 1 also marked my five year anniversary of working out at CCU’s gym, the HTC Center. I had nervous jitters my first day of work so what better way to ease them than with exercise? I was blown away by the cleanliness and amenities of Coastal’s facilities. But aside from the state of the art equipment and scenic views, the CCU gym has allowed me to connect with students and staff who I normally would not have the chance to during my regular job.

The photo of me in the top left is from May 1, 2014, and the photo of me in the top right is from May 1, 2019.

Cool Story – Early this morning I was pumping gas. Once I started to refuel, the pump television screen flickered on and started to give a history lesson. This particular segment taught me that frozen treats such as popsicles and ice cream were only consumed by nobility back in the Middle Ages. Because devices equivalent to modern day freezers weren’t widely available, only the upper class had access to them. So, if someone was walking the streets with a frozen confection it meant they were a pretty big deal. I started laughing to myself thinking of an old king with a large crown sucking on a firecracker pop. Ha!

I took this photo while pumping gas today. How does the gas price in Myrtle Beach differ from where you live?


A weekend that includes the Kentucky Derby and Cinco De Mayo, huh? Sounds like a good time to me. Be safe and enjoy. Don’t Blink.

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