Sloan’s Idiosyncrasies

Sloan’s age can be puzzling. She will insist on doing things or not doing things that most human beings find weird or irrational. But should I be surprised? She is a 2-year-old after all. In tonight’s blog post, I am listing 10 aspects of Sloan’s daily behavior that might go against the norm.

I never knew so much pointless, strange content existed on YouTube until Sloan started jumping from video to video. Although she watches quality channels such as Blippi and Wendy’s Pretend Play, she will also watch much sketchier content as well. I am talking stuff like a middle aged man simply dropping random toys into a bath tub or terrible homemade animations that combine Mickey Mouse characters with Marvel superheroes. Simply bizarre.

Sloan watches some wacky stuff on YouTube!

Have no idea how she thinks fruit snacks left under the couch for weeks still taste good.

Apparently having a runny nose that drips into her mouth is a pleasant experience because she will do whatever it takes to fight us off when we try to swoop in with a tissue.

While most people like to keep their hair, or at least let a professional cut it if they don’t, Sloan takes the liberty to yank her curls out herself (serious note: this was actually a real issue for Sloan that we had to bring up with her pediatrician…all is good now!).

Sloan’s hair can be tough to manage!

– Speaking of hair, who doesn’t like going to daycare looking like Bozo the Clown? Before we leave in the morning, I practically chase Sloan around the house so I can spray down her wild mane (Sloan’s hair is CRAZY) and style it the best way a daddy can.

Apparently, strutting around in soaking wet clothes is the cool thing to do for 2-year-olds these days. Sloan loves to grab our bottled water bottles we leave on our bedside table and open them up. Although I think she tries to make an honest effort to actually drink from it, the water always ends up on her shirt (and on the floor).

If that solo cup had water in it instead of Goldfish crackers, she would pour it all over herself and be as happy as a lark.

Our daughter might be superhuman because she doesn’t feel pain. Just this past weekend at Savannah’s Playground she ran full speed at a structure with an opening. She thought she was short enough to run in unobstructed but she must have grown a couple inches the night before because she got clotheslined. No matter, she stood right back up and continued to play.

Sloan played hard at Savannah’s Playground and felt no pain when she got clotheslined.

I am past the age of making myself dizzy until the point of sickness. Sloan, on the other hand, loves to run around in circles until she is delirious on the ground.

Nothing better than remaining sick, right? The message is quite clear when medicine to treat a certain little girl’s cold is swatted out of our hands.

I understand that sleeping with a stuffed animal can be comforting – but sleeping with 10 of them? Some nights, Sloan insists on bringing a whole zoo of stuffed animals to spend the night with her in the crib. This is in addition to the books, extra blankets, and water cup she also requires. Needless to say, it gets a little crowded.


You know what is kind of crazy ¬–perhaps even crazier than the idiosyncrasies themselves? It is that we love Sloan for them (well, except for the medicine one)! We better enjoy them now because by the time she turns 3, I expect her to be acting like a normal, mature adult. Don’t Blink.

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