Topgolf = Atmosphere

Since living in Myrtle Beach for almost five years, my dad has visited me several times. Over the course of those visits, we have done just about everything there is to do in the area. However, during my dad’s most recent trip, a brand new option presented itself.

One afternoon last week, we went to Topgolf. Ever heard of it before? With over 50 locations worldwide, it is referred to by the Myrtle Beach owner as “a driving range on steroids.” In my opinion, that description massively undersells it.

A photo of my dad outside of Topgolf in Myrtle Beach.

Topgolf is an enormous entertainment center that offers a high tech golfing experience. Customers hit golf balls out onto a 215-yard outfield, aiming to connect with giant targets that will earn them points. All balls have microchips in them to capture information that is relayed back to the customer who hit it. The game is played in an intoxicating atmosphere complete with club, sports bar, and bowling influences.

Okay, enough with my sad summarization of the Topgolf concept. I think I can better explain what it is all about by just telling you about the experience that my dad and I had at the Myrtle Beach location.

Just weeks old, Topgolf Myrtle Beach is in high demand. Sidney and I tried to play on a Saturday night and were faced with a three hour wait. To beat the crowds, my dad and I went on a late Monday afternoon. Not only did we save us the hassle of waiting but we saved money as well. Depending on the day of the week and the time of the day that you go, the hourly rate will fluctuate. For example, if Sid and I waited out the 180 minutes to play on that weekend night, we would have paid $47 for an hour. Since my dad and I played on a weekday afternoon/evening, we paid $35 for an hour. If I didn’t have to work and we went that morning, we would have only paid $25.

The areas where you hit the golf balls are called bays. Each bay is taken care of by a host. Once we were assigned our bay, we took the elevator up to the second deck (oh, wait…I didn’t tell you? Topgolf Myrtle Beach has three different levels) where our host was waiting for us at our bay. She took time to explain the rules and playing options. This was very much appreciated because we were both pretty clueless on how everything worked. After her presentation, we were ready to let a rip!

My silhouette teeing up to play Topgolf.

It was so cool to hit golf balls while elevated above ground. I have always seen multilevel golfing ranges on TV and social media, but never actually played at one. Looking out over the deck and smacking a golf ball is fun! It took my dad and I few rounds to get comfortable with how the game and equipment worked, but the learning curve was short. Before long we were having a blast.

Food and drink is a big draw at Topgolf. People go solely to order off the menu as many creative culinary delights are offered. Although we passed on food, we did order a couple rounds of beer. Served in heavy duty pint glasses, our beers were nice and cold. With the sun shining, good tunes playing, drinks in hand, and a beautiful golfing oasis in front of us, we really couldn’t ask for much more.

It was a picture perfect afternoon for Topgolf when we went to play.

Golf clubs are provided and multiple screens keep score of the game and let you know how much time you have left to play. When you go up to hit a ball, you wave your club in front of a sensor and one is dispensed. Bays are climate controlled so you should never get too hot or too cold. When we were there, the facility was immaculately clean and our host was extremely attentive.

It works like bowling. A frame or round is complete when each player has taken a turn. The game of Topgolf consists of 20 rounds. Because it was just my dad and I playing at our bay, we almost completed two games. I imagine that if a group of four played for an hour, it would translate perfectly to one complete game being played.

My dad ready to let loose on a ball at Topgolf.

After our time ran out, we went inside the second level and finished our beers in the bar area – not that we didn’t have other options. Throughout the three levels, there are multiple lounges and patios to dine. Large built in wall televisions span the entire three levels. It is an impressive setup and a paradise for sports fans.

My dad and I inside Topgolf.

I would describe Topgolf in one word: Atmosphere. While there, you just feel energized and engaged. If you want to do something unique and fun in a great environment, go to Topgolf for your next night out. Don’t Blink.

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