The Office Thursday Rundown

What’s the word, my friends?! Turns out a Thursday Rundown was in the cards for this week after all. For your reading pleasure, I present this week’s five topics…

St. Patrick’s Day Fun – Because Sloan was born on St. Patrick’s Day, we have to celebrate accordingly, right? People remind us constantly that this will mean something else in about 19 years. But for a 2-year-old, dressing up in green with her daddy and going to the local St. Patty’s Day parade is the wholesome way to do it. We went to North Myrtle Beach and enjoyed the Irish spirit and numerous floats. Sloan was good for the most part and perhaps we might make it a tradition.

Sloan and I prior to leaving for the St. Pat’s parade in North Myrtle Beach.

Changing Offices – A project in the making for about a year recently came to fruition this week. It was determined that it would make sense if all our University Communication media-based services were under one roof. So, the photography department and social media department abandoned Laurel Hall and moved to join video production in Hampton Hall. All of us are excited for this arrangement. We already work so closely together that it feels great to now communicate by walking down the hall as opposed to making a phone call or sending an email. It also makes it much easier on campus constituents who now only need to go one place for their media needs. My office is a work in progress but I hope to spruce it up soon.

I had the wall in the back painted teal! Excited to get my new office set up.

World Down Syndrome Day Today is World Down Syndrome Day. At Sloan’s daycare, they encouraged the children to participate in the #LotsOfSocks initiative that is associated with the day (you simply wear crazy socks). Whether you wore colorful socks or not, today is a good day to reflect on how we treat people with disabilities. All life is sacred, no matter if we have a physical or mental handicap. In society we need to treat people with disabilities, from the time they are in the womb to the day they die, with accommodation and compassion.

2019 NCAA Tournament – The Big Dance started in earnest today and I am happy to be along for the ride. I no longer watch it as obsessively as I used to, but I still follow it. I will be pulling for Gonzaga and Montana to keep winning until they would play each other in the Elite Eight. This is a great time of the year and I hope plenty of memories are made (although how do you top a #16 seed beating a #1 seed like last year?).

In 2015, I traveled with the Chanticleer men’s basketball team to the NCAA tournament. I won’t be at a site this year, but I hope to watch some of the tournament on TV.

Throwback Photo – I thought I would sneak in a retro photo to end today’s rundown. This is me with my sister. We are having a stuffed animal party, much like the ones Sloan enjoys. I want to say that this might have been prior to a themed day at school based on the book “Teddy Bears’ Picnic.” I wonder if any of those bears in this photo are still around? What do you think, mom?

Chilling with our teddy bears.


I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. Whether yours is low key or hectic, I hope it is at least enjoyable. I will catch up with you all next week. Don’t Blink.

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