Morning Motivation

I don’t usually post in the morning, which is a shame, because mornings are really important. I think we have all had experiences when we wake up and dread getting out of bed. It could be because of fatigue, dark and cold outdoor conditions, stress of the particular day, or a myriad of other factors. We have all been there.

But I think if we truly view each day as a gift and the morning as the opportunity to set ourselves up for maximizing its possibilities, we won’t dread our alarms as much.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the early morning to complete a self-improvement task before starting your real-life responsibilities. Whether it be going to the gym, reading a book, or working on a blog post, do something to start the day off right. Get the good vibes flowing and improve your chances of making the next 12-15 hours successful.

Things are looking up, my friends. We are entering a time of the year when mornings will be more tolerable naturally. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting better. If you are lucky, you might be able to now hear birds chirping. The dark days of winter are starting to transform into the radiant days of early spring.

Don’t just seize the day but seize the mornings. As spring approaches, challenge yourself to be motivated in those early hours. Develop a positive routine now so that when the bleaker months come around next year, you will be ready to conquer. Don’t Blink.

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