Toasty Thursday Rundown

Good evening, my readers. To be honest, some days I am more excited than others for the Thursday Rundown. But tonight I am pretty ecstatic! Let’s get started with the five topics.

Discussing TikTok On the News – On Tuesday, Amy Kawata from WMBF news came to my office to discuss the social media app TikTok. Her main goal was to get safety tips for parents. You see, TikTok is a social media outlet that is embraced by Generation Z. Many grade school kids and middle schoolers are on it. The app let’s users create 15 second videos while providing them with some sophisticated editing tools. As you can imagine, there are perverts out there who prey on young TikTok users. I gave several tips on how parents can monitor the TikTok usage of their kids but I also cautioned against banning the app entirely. In my opinion, TikTok helps promote creativity and other important digital skills. Click here to watch.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Amy Kawata of WMBF News about TikTok.

Bookstore Score – When Sid and I were touring Charleston the other day, we randomly turned into one of the many shops on King Street. Imagine our surprise and joy when we discovered that we were inside a Catholic bookstore! We had found Pauline Books & Media, a store run by the Daughters of St. Paul. We looked around and decided on a couple books for Sloan – a coloring book that depicts the different scenes of mass and a beautifully illustrated guide that explores the sights and sounds inside a church. The bookstore even had a small chapel inside of it and a connecting meditation garden.

We picked up some great books for Sloan while at Pauline Books & Media.

Fun Week at Daycare – It is Dr. Seuss Week at Oxford Children’s Academy and Sloan has participated in each spirit day. Monday was based on “Sleep Book” (she wore pajamas), Tuesday was “Green Eggs and Ham” (she wore green), yesterday was “Wacky Wednesday” (she wore mismatched clothes), and today was “The Cat in the Hat” (she wore her favorite hat). We have had fun getting her ready each morning and taking photos. The best part is taking her to daycare and seeing what the other toddlers are wearing while they check out what she is wearing! Thanks for another great activity, O.C.A.

Sloan dressed up for Wacky Wednesday (even her socks weren’t matching) and Cat in the Hat Day.

Student Success – I always take great joy when a student I know well achieves success. I met Adrianna Seals during my first full year at CCU. She participated in one of our social media campaigns and continued to get more involved with our program. She served two years on my #CCU Student Advisory Group and contributed her ideas and time. Today I saw her for the first time in at least a year. She was on campus to talk to a Writing for Broadcast class because she is now a hot shot news producer for Myrtle Beach station WBTW. It was really cool to see her having such a big impact in the community. Now I don’t know if this is true or not, but she said her involvement in #CCUSocialMedia has already helped her in her young career. Day made.

It was a joy to see Adrianna having success.

How Do You Eat Your Toast? – The other day, Sid and I were watching TV and this chart appeared on the screen. Immediately Sidney accused me of making my toast like #16. She told me that I really don’t make toast, I just “make warm bread.” Well, well, well. It is true that I like my toast a little rarer than most, but I would put myself at a #11.

According to this chart, how do you eat your toast?


Thank you for your time tonight. I am really excited about this upcoming weekend and hope to report on it next week. Hope everyone stays away from the flu. Don’t Blink.

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