Merry CHRISTmas

Good morning, my loyal readers! On this significant day, let me warmly wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas.

Sloan ended up on Santa’s “nice list” and had a kitchen set (and other various items) waiting for her this morning. She is an extremely happy camper and can’t wait to join her cousins as we open up more presents at Sid’s parents house a little bit later.

A look at how Sloan’s gifts from Santa were arranged in her playroom after he arrived last night.

Now I know you don’t need some annoying blogger to tell you this, but just humor me for a few sentences. The point of today is to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. It is to reflect on the fact that God allowed his son to be born of humble origins to set the stage for a major event 33 years later. It is to admire the dedication and trust of the Holy Family.

We need to remember the reason for the season.

Over time, other traditions, many of the secular variety, have developed. Sometimes they co-exist with the true reason for the season and sometimes they completely replace it. Who am I to judge those who embrace traditions such as the one I opened this blog post with (Santa)? Have you read my blog post before? I am one of the biggest nerds when it comes to Kris Kringle, Christmas movies, and Yuletide treats.

In my opinion, as long as we don’t allow the commercialization of Christmas to overshadow the birth of Jesus Christ, we can enjoy some of the mythical traditions we have grown up with. However, there must never be a doubt about the true reason for why we are celebrating.

As we mark Christmas today, take plenty of time to reflect and pray. Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Don’t Blink.

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