Celebrating International Dessert Day…1 Day Late

Yesterday, everything aligned perfectly as I was surrounded by a ridiculous amount of desserts. Thanks to a late night ice cream run, a birthday celebration, and a nice gesture by my student intern, I had a beaucoup of sweet treats in my kitchen.

The only problem? Yesterday was October 15. International Dessert Day was on October 14.

Although I would have found myself unnecessarily excited if the sugar explosion occurred on International Dessert Day, it still didn’t take away from the impressive display. Not to make anyone jealous, but I wanted to present to you the options I had to choose from at around 9 p.m. last night.

As you will soon learn, a joint birthday party that was held on Sunday helped add to the impressive display of desserts at our house.

German Chocolate Cake – On Sunday night, Sid’s family had a birthday celebration in honor of my sister-in-law (October 5) and myself (October 8). This handsome, homemade German chocolate cake was made by my mother-in-law for the party. Of course I ate a piece of it that evening and it was delicious.

This German chocolate cake was homemade and delicious.

Coconut Cake – The Mathis family does it big! We didn’t just have one cake at the birthday celebration, we had TWO. Complimenting the German chocolate cake was this coconut cake. Doesn’t it look tasty? This 7” dessert was so enticing that I just didn’t eat the piece of chocolate cake on Sunday night, I ate a piece of the coconut one as well! You want to know how good it was? My wife, who hates coconut, indulged in a big piece of this particular cake and loved every bite.

The coconut cake was so good that even Sid had a piece.

Plate of Brownies – My student intern, Katie, surprised me with a belated birthday gift yesterday. When she walked into the office she gave me a plate of homemade brownies, remarking, “You should have told me it was your birthday.” They made my office smell good all day long and I made sure to share with my co-workers. I still had plenty to bring home at the end fo the day.

Thank you, Katie, for these delicious brownies.

Sonic Blast – After I worked the Coastal football game on Saturday night, I decided to bring home a late night treat for Sidney and I. Stopping at Sonic on the drive back to the house, I ordered two medium chocolate chip cookie dough Sonic Blasts. Holy cow, you mean to tell me that what you see below is a medium?! We watched TV and enjoyed our Blasts. I ate half of mine and threw it into the freezer, thinking I would eat it on Sunday (forgetting for a split second that the birthday celebration was taking place that evening).

Sonic makes really good ice cream!

Great Value Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – It is a surprising fact that the Great Value chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is the best of its kind on the market. Thus, it is necessary that Sid and I always have a carton avaialble at our house (along with a box of cones). You can never go wrong with a scoop or two at the end of the night.

This is the best chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream you will find.

So, what did I end up choosing as my Monday night dessert?…

What an impressive lineup of desserts!

None of them, I have a dentist appointment this week!

Well, of course that is a lie (not the dentist appointment part). I definitely didn’t hold off as I selected the Sonic Blast. I love Sonic ice cream and I knew if I didn’t finish it off, it would get way too freezer burnt. I put it in the microwave for 20 seconds and it tasted just as good as it did over the weekend.

I think I made the right choice going with the Sonic Blast.

Did I make the right choice? Let me know! Hope you have a good night and if you are looking for some dessert, you know the house to go to! Don’t Blink.

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